Lalit Modi’s email – What do the sensitive tapes hold?

This Lalit Modi email refers to some sensitive tapes. What do they hold?

Leaked Email shows how LKM could influence the media
Leaked Email shows how LKM could influence the media

The June 6, 2015 email attached at the end of this post shows Lalit Modi (LKM) in a panic and his attempts to manage the messaging through friendly media outfits after the expose of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj helping him. Modi spoke to Subhash Chandra and Himanshu Modi of Zee TV to douse the fires in Indian media. He also spoke to Star TV head Uday Shanker, Sanjeeb of IBN and Harini of Times Now. This email shows that LKM has friends in BBC too.

The email is marked to Sushma’s husband Swaraj Kaushal, her daughter Basuri Kaushal, Harish Salve and a few others. This panicky reaction was after London-based ‘Sunday Times’ and then ‘Times Now’ exposed Sushma Swaraj speaking to British MP Keith Vaz on helping Modi in traveling out of London to Portugal for his wife’s ailment.

But if I am collateral damage in even slightest manner lets go out with guns blazing in all directions
– Lalit Modi

The email is marked to Harish Salve and Modi describes him as his Godfather. Modi is giving orders to his lawyers in India, London and Australia to monitor media and says that they should file a case against all who run reports against him. Lalit Modi also speaks for creating a troll army in Social Media to counter attacks. Remember in June 2015, Lalit Modi became active on Twitter and several trolls were behind him to support him to give an image that he was a crusader in cricket.

“Go ahead. If they still do then we have no choice but to proceed Monday morning with libel action. Libel rules have changed recently. Please ensure we are fully prepared,” Modi goes on in his lengthy email.

“Andrew please also speak to Mr. Salve at Blackstone Chambers. He wants certain things covered. Also, he is the biggest and best Barrister in India. Roger already knows him. And he is my personal Godfather. So his thoughts must be incorporated into yet another message to The newspaper. I am about to board the aircraft for Havana. I have not slept all night due to two other crisis. But resolved by 7am this morning.”

Modi continues “I am in no mood to becoming once again a collateral damage due to UK politics as to who will chair the Home Affairs committee. ……..”

Urging his media managers Faisal, Percy and Dean from Australia, Modi talks about releasing some sensitive tapes kept in “my locker in Mumbai.” He says one Rohit has access to “these highly sensitive tapes.” Modi also asks his team to activate Social Media group to counter the attacks.

Did Modi use these sensitive tapes to douse the fire? The email says Modi wanted to leak these tapes to the BBC or CNN. He continues his email conversation: “But if I am collateral damage in even slightest manner lets go out with guns blazing in all directions.”

“Spoken to Subhash Chandra just now. Himanshu Modi at Zee TV will break across all networks if we decide to. Further, Sanjeeb at CNN-IBN will break next. Then Times Now. Harini at Times on standby. Hope we don’t have to use this. But if we do go for it,” says Modi about leaking some details kept in a locker in Mumbai.

Till date this has not yet been leaked to the media and the media heads are presumably aware of this locker. What incriminating evidence do they have? Will they ever see the light of the day? Only time will tell.

Earlier this portal has published in detail about LKM’s Media management and story planting method. Some interesting facts emerge – many of the emails of Lalit Modi and the gang were also marked to lawyer Ankur Chawla, son of veteran editor Prabhu Chawla. An Email dated July 27, 2013 is Ankur Chawla’s email id ( and several emails were marked to him regarding the legal strategy. It must be remembered that Prabhu Chawla had admitted that he deposed for Lalit Modi in front of a British panel in connection with British visa related issues.
Ankur Chawla on his legal team
Noted lawyer Rajiv Dhawan also appeared for Lalit Modi in the Mudgal Commission enquiry. This too was financed by Lalit Modi.
Lalit Modi's email to his legal team

These emails show LKM’s clout in the media world and that What You See Is Often NOT What You Get (WYSIONWYG).
Lalit Modi's email to his legal team

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