An Open Letter to Jairam Ramesh

An Open Letter to Jairam Ramesh on his allegations against

An Open Letter to Jairam Ramesh on his allegations against
An Open Letter to Jairam Ramesh on his allegations against

An Open Letter to Jairam Ramesh

Dear Sri Jairam Ramesh –

First off, thank you for giving free publicity to our website As they say in Hollywood, any publicity is good publicity. Your allegations has boosted traffic to the site and the readers will form their opinion on what the content is all about.

A few days back you raised some allegations about me and our website I came to know from your Press Conference that you consider me:

  1. a Modi Bhakt, who attended his meetings in the Silicon Valley

  2. funded by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),

  3. a friend of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Sri S Gurumurthy and Prof R Vaidyanathan.

My replies:

  1. For the record, I did attend Shri Modi’s meeting at Facebook headquarters and tweeted about it. I did not have the pleasure of meeting him or shaking his hand or even make eye contact.

  2. I have a lot of admiration for the RSS, which is the world’s biggest Non-Government Organization (NGO). They are usually the first to arrive at a national disaster site, setup camps, provide basic sanitation, food, shelter and clothing as needed and do all this with no expectations. This is just one among many of the things they do. In my opinion it is unfair to drag their name into this. You could have checked with me before alleging that they are funding PGurus.

  3. You are placing me in the company of some very highly accomplished individuals and I am thrilled and honoured to be mentioned in the same line as them.

In future, if you are going to make allegations against our site, may I request you to please check with us before doing so? And thanks in advance to all the media publications and TV channels for publishing this response. An electronic copy of this letter can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


Sree Iyer



cc: Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Sri S Gurumurthy, Prof R Vaidyanathan

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  1. Jairam ramesh is perverted and a joker He ruined the state of AP by bifurcation and both parts fight with each other for water and electricity J used to carry files like office peon those days to Sonia and others top it all he shamelessly represented Ap as Rajya Sabha member to destroy it shame He is dig race to IIT

  2. P. Gurus with Iyer bring up facts, while other give their opinions. Keep it up Iyer, kudos to you.
    Your reply to Sonia bakt congressman is apt. For them, anyone writing or exposing anything even based on facts- on the holy cow and calf- is reason enough to paint the writer as RSS, modibakht and communal . Their painting you with adjectives shows an intolerant attitude to truth.

  3. What a looser

    “36 patents in the areas of Hardware, Software, Encryption and Systems.” Just shown the intellect Sree Iyer holds..he does not need to be sycophant….

    But how can a congressi ever understand this. They all have to “lick” there way up…..

  4. These Congis always talk mean of RSS forgetting the service rendered by them to Society, irrespective of location/religion. The Congis do have the quality of stooping before the dynasty on every available opportunity.
    We came across a couple of your write up from Twitter. We are with you. Best wishes.

  5. Jairam Ramesh and similar chamchas of the Gandhi family know little about the good work done by the RSS in the social front because they are cut off from the ground. They can only rattle pet their phobias about RSS which have become comic relief.


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