Will the 2016 Election be a landslide for Hillary?

Will the 2016 Election be a landslide for Hillary?
Will the 2016 Election be a landslide for Hillary?

I got a call from a friend in Washington who knows more about political polling than anyone in America. He was almost breathless with excitement.

“It’s gonna be a landslide,” he said.

“In which direction?” I joked.

“Hillary’s going to win in places we haven’t won in years – Georgia, Nevada, Arizona. She’ll take the entire West, the whole East Coast. Trump is sinking like a stone.”

“So do we get the Senate back?”

“You bet.”

“Sixty votes?”

“No, but a nice majority.”

“And the House?”

“We won’t win it back, but Democrats will get 14 of the 30 they need. So still a Republican majority, but far weakened.”

“And what about the states?”

He paused. “The states?”

“Will we take back the states?”

“No. The GOP will remain in control in most states.”

“So the only part of government that will change hands is the U.S. Senate, and not even by enough to overcome a filibuster?”

“Yes,” he said, as if I had taken the air out of his balloon.

“And what about all the people who’ll be voting for Trump?”

“What about them?” he asked, cautiously.

“After Trump loses, they’ll still be out there, right?”

“Of course.”

“And they’ll be madder than hell, poisoned with Trump’s venom. They’ll be a ready-made constituency for the next demagogue.”

“Bob?” he asked.


“Remind me never to phone you again.”

“Sorry,” I said.

ROBERT B. REICH is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, for which Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century.

His new book, "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few," is now in bookstores. His film "Inequality for All" is now available on iTunes and Amazon streaming.
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  1. No proof of a landslide…
    No poll, no survey..
    A knowledgeable friend of the author called him and told him that Hillary is going to win!
    This is the entirety of the post.

    None of the other factors like purported criminality charges wikileaks heaps on Hillary, low popularity and crowd turnout, etc., have been examined. Just a conversation.

    People who support Trump have venom in them according to this intellectual!
    And this is a post on pgurus, a platform for extremely well researched articles. This post is again having ‘Landslide ?’ as it title. A question mark because it is again uncertain.

    Having access to a website doesn’t mean you write whatever you want and publish rubbish. This is actually hurting the authenticity of pgurus and Sree Iyer.

      • It is not about whether you got your predictions right or wrong in the past.

        It is about the way you write your article or substantiate your argument. What premises have you got, or evidences you use to support your conclusion that sets you apart from any normal person who expresses his opinion.

        Ask your self whether the write-up above does even qualify to be an article. Pardon me if I am rude but I expect more than just a phone conversation leading to a conclusion being published as ‘landslide’

          • Then please let the readers know that this piece is a op-ed and open to debate and that you do not endorse it.

            This looks like it is just another article from pgurus in every way and you publishing it means you are endorsing it and are liable to same criticism.

    • Who wins or loses in US elections is of academic interest to us Indians (unless you are a US citizen),why break our head on this?

      • Pardon, but it is not only of academic interest. Our kith and kin live there. My relations are opting for higher studies and jobs in USA. India has several ties with USA and much depends on elections.


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