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Alleged Hacking of American Elections

The issue of hacking in American elections is always controversial, but it reached its peak during the 2016 election when the experienced Secretary of...

Why President Trump Will Continue Holding Rallies

Donald Trump has just finished the last of his nine post-election “thank you tour” rallies. Why did he do them? Why is he planning further...

Trump’s Dark Cloud of Illegitimacy

A dark cloud of illegitimacy hangs over the pending presidency of Donald Trump. Consider: Trump was defeated in the actual voting by a startling—and still...

Will Trump Make America Great Again?

Trump Presidency - A new world order? The unexpected happened. All US pollsters were pointing to an easy Clinton win while the citizens of America...

Will Hillary Clinton Get America Back on Track?

The parallels are striking. In the last decades of the nineteenth century – the so-called “Gilded Age”— America experienced inequality on a scale it...

The Trust Destroyers

Donald Trump’s warning that he might not accept the results of the presidential election exemplifies his approach to everything: Do whatever it takes to...

Take back the Senate

Amid all the focus on the presidential race it’s also important to keep in mind Democrats have a fighting chance to take back the...

Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, and the Crisis of American Capitalism

Hillary Clinton won’t be the only winner when Donald Trump and his fellow haters are defeated on Election Day (as looks increasingly likely). Another...

Why All Progressives Must Vote For Hillary

I continue to hear from many people who call themselves progressives or liberals, but tell me they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the...

The Real Scandal of Trump Paying No Taxes

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns – which could have allowed him...


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