Will Trump Make America Great Again?

Will Trump deliver on his promise to Make America Great Again?

Will Trump deliver on his promise to Make America Great Again?
How achievable is Trump's vision to Make America Great Again?

Trump Presidency – A new world order?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he unexpected happened. All US pollsters were pointing to an easy Clinton win while the citizens of America had a thing or two to say about who they wanted to be their President. It saddens me to note that most rural areas in America voted Red (Republican) and  the urban Blue, signifying a polarization that seems to only become more and more pronounced with every Presidential election.

The vote has been unequivocal; Republicans have the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate, which means legislation is going to get done in Washington. Trump will have to decide which issues he is going to take up first and which ones can wait. Let us look at some of the pressing issues that he is up against:


Depending on who you talk to, the economy is in the best shape or the worst shape. While unemployment is down, not everyone is employed; many have stopped looking for work. America, already divided along racial lines is now also divided along age lines. For most jobs, when people above 40 apply, there are subtle indications that tell them that they are not being considered; There is not even an acknowledgment of your resume; If you do get one, it is worded gently along the lines, “while your credentials are impressive, at this time, we do not see a fit in our organization”. When it comes to age bias, Tech companies don’t even bother to lie. The story of this 50-something in a startup is sobering.

Why am I bringing this up? Because Americans are living longer and the median age is 37.3 years. That means almost 1 in 2 Americans is reaching an age where he or she is no longer considered fit to be employed. This is the demographic that voted for Trump and he will have to find a way to Make America Employed Again.


Also derisively called Obamacare, it has been touted as the main evil for driving up costs of Healthcare. What was a good idea, intended to use the power of bulk purchasing to get lower prices has been cast aside in the greed of Cutthroat Capitalism. Obamacare subsidized health care benefits for American families whose annual income was below $95,000 a year. The lesser you earned, the more the Healthcare plan kicked in. But before this plan could find its feet and start earning a dividend, it stands in danger of being cast aside. If such a thing were to happen, the ones who will be most hurt would be those who can least afford the price of Healthcare. Trump will have to find another way to Make America Healthy Again.


Trump was a vociferous opponent of trade deals during his campaign. The already struggling Globalization concept is now in serious trouble, if Trump starts levying duties for imports, something that he promised. He is confident that he can negotiate for a better deal with China. As President Obama mentioned, negotiate with what? The country would want to know how Trump the Chief Negotiator will trump other countries and make better deals. His way of solving issues is to erect physical or virtual barriers, which might work in the short term but it will be a disaster for the World’s most powerful nation. If the US levies duties on China, China will follow suit. But what will happen if China decides to sell the US Treasury Bills that it holds? It is no secret that China has been buying real estate in the United States for the past several years. The still recovering Real Estate industry will fall flat if China were to start selling it. China is just an example. Many other countries such as those in the Middle East also hold a lot of real estate in America and Trump, being a real estate man himself will know that. His ability to be able to negotiate has been questioned as rhetoric on election stumps, which is different from reality. Any mis-steps on this front and Trump will be blamed for Making America Poor Again!

There is no silver bullet to solve America’s problems. Trump has a better chance at making a difference because the people of America have decisively given their vote to him and placed their trust in an outsider, hoping that he can shake things up in Washington. Will he? Only time will tell.

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  1. Sobering write up from a skeptic on what Trump must face on his election promises.It looks like to me that many of his promises will disappear same way as many past presidents promises.Instead of ranting on Trump clubbing with klan or facist nazis,media should focus on what he will or will not do.It is also a reminder that fresh air which Obama brought quickly dissipated with US of A getting into more wars and a sham to address wall street skulduggery.None so far has called Obama to book on these so called “election promises” but continue to rant on Trump promises.Balance of opinion has left media long time ago.They now represent a pack of rabid dogs baying after a prey.No wonder people are moving away from mainstream media.


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