Lest BSP forget how its icon Ambedkar had maligned Mahatma Gandhi

Babasaheb, on repeated occasions, questioned not just the Mahatma’s credentials but also his sincerity in working for the uplift of the ‘untouchables’

Lest BSP forget how its icon Ambedkar had maligned Mahatma Gandhi
Lest BSP forget how its icon Ambedkar had maligned Mahatma Gandhi

Will apologists of the BSP respond to attacks on the Mahatma by their icon with the honesty that Babasaheb Ambedkar demanded of the Father of the Nation?

Bahujan Samaj Party spokespersons have been among those who vociferously condemned Sadhvi Pragya’s comment that Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse was, is and will always be a patriot.  There is nothing wrong in the sharp reaction, given that her remark was in extremely bad taste and had hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians who hold the Father of the Nation in high esteem, regardless of whether they subscribe to his views or not. But will the BSP be equally condemnatory of their icon BR Ambedkar, who on repeated occasions, heaped scorn on Gandhiji, refusing from one point in time to even address him as Mahatma and instead of addressing him as “Mr Gandhi”? Here is a sample of Ambedkar’s views:

Addressing an audience on the eve of his departure to attend the Second Round Table Conference, he accused Mahatma Gandhi of plotting to keep the Depressed Classes (the old term for Scheduled Castes) in bondage. “But it was a great shock to the world that Gandhi himself should have sponsored violent opposition to the breaking of your shackles.” Thus, Ambedkar not only inferred that the Mahatma wanted to keep the Depressed Classes under subjugation but also deployed violence as a tool to oppose.

The list of allegations is long, and not all of it can be reproduced here. But there is one that needs a mention because it accuses the Father of the Nation of no less than duplicity

The Father of the Nation had reacted strongly to Ambedkar’s views expressed through the latter’s book, Annihilation of Caste. There were others too who were critical. But Babasaheb decided to take on Gandhiji alone, “not because what he said is so weighty as to deserve a reply, but because too many a Hindu he is an oracle, so great that when he opens his lips it is expected that the argument must close no dog must bark”. Ambedkar thereon poses questions not in the form of a query but more as an indictment. “Does the Mahatma practise what he preaches?” It is obvious that the Dalit icon does not believe it to be so, since he writes further, “It may be that his failure to practise is due to the ideal being too high. To be attainable, it may be that his failure to practise is due to the innate hypocrisy of the man.”

Thus, the Mahatma was a hypocrite in addition to being a sponsor of violence to sustain the bondage of the Depressed Classes and prone to making hollow statements. Then Ambedkar goes a step further: “Insofar as he does think, to me it really appears to be prostituting his intelligence to find reasons to support this archaic social structure of the Hindus.” In a similar vein, while responding to the Mahatma’s option on the Annihilation of Caste, Babasaheb claimed that Gandhiji was prevaricating on the issue of caste because he was worried about losing his political stature. “He has almost in everything the simplicity of the child with the child’s capacity for self-deception… The reason why the Mahatma is always supporting case and Varna is that he is afraid that if he opposed them he will lose his place in politics.”

Ambedkar had poured scorn on what had become popular as ‘Gandhism’, which represented a way of life and politics the Mahatma preached. In his words What the Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables, he writes: “The ideas which go to make up Gandhism are just primitive”; “The economics of Gandhism is hopelessly fallacious”; “In Gandhism the common man has no hope. It treats man as an animal and no more”.  Thereafter he proceeds to question the Mahatma’s very democratic credentials. “Gandhism may well be suited to a society which does not accept democracy as its ideal.” According to Ambedkar, Gandhiji promoted “back to nakedness, back to squalor, back to poverty, and back to ignorance for the vast mass of the people”.

Babasaheb, on repeated occasions, questioned not just the Mahatma’s credentials but also his sincerity in working for the uplift of the ‘untouchables’. According to the recorded Proceedings of the Federal Structure Committee and Minorities Committee, which conducted the main work of the second session of the Round Table Conference in England, Ambedkar castigated the Gandhiji for projecting himself (and the Congress) as a saviour of the Depressed Classes. “The Mahatma has been claiming that the Congress stands for the Depressed Classes… To that claim, I can only say that it is one of the many false claims which irresponsible people keep on making…” And so, the Mahatma became ‘irresponsible’ too, besides other things.

The list of allegations is long, and not all of it can be reproduced here. But there is one that needs a mention because it accuses the Father of the Nation of no less than duplicity. In the backdrop of the Round Table Conference, he wrote to a national daily, “We are, however, reliably informed that in carrying his negotiations with our Muslim friends, Mr Gandhi demanded that as one of the conditions for his accepting their fourteen points, they should oppose the claims of the Depressed Classes, and smaller minorities. To say in public, ‘I will agree if all others agree’, and then set out to work in private to prevent others from so agreeing by buying off those who are willing to agree, is, in our opinion, a piece of conduct unbecoming a Mahatma and to be only expected from a inveterate opponent of the Depressed Classes. Mr Gandhi is not only not playing the part of a friend of the Depressed Classes, but he is not even playing the part of an honest foe.

Will apologists of the BSP respond to these attacks on the Mahatma by their icon with the honesty that Babasaheb Ambedkar demanded of the Father of the Nation? Or is it that political compulsions Ambedkar had accused the Mahatma of, coming in the way?

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Rajesh Singh is a Delhi-based senior political commentator and public affairs analyst
Rajesh Singh


  1. The allegations made by Dr.Ambedkar was on the statements made by Mr.Gandhi not on individual,the writer of the article must read Dr.Ambedkar’s statement after the killing of Gandhi.

  2. Why Gandhi is advertised, and made a object of worship, specially by the White skinned racist, imperialist Klannist dements, followers of the deranged repulsive, disgusting, nasty, foul, unhinged devilish ideology of the Vatican which has already drank the blood of 21 billiion Hetheans, browns, West, while other more great fighters of oppressed like Simon Bolivar, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Netaji, Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Udham Singh, Nelson Mandela are not even mentioned
    1. Because Gandhi who as public prosecutor got lot of Blacks hanged, in service of White skins (today his statues are being removed in Africa) acted as a Agent of British with MI5 British agent Nehru (whose DNA is suspect and belongs to some White sewer). HE CASTRATED AN ENTIRE POPULATION a OLYMPIAN FEAT, by his so called AHIMSA
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    4. COngress was raised by a British Intelligence Agent A.O.Hume, The Brits, shitting in their pants after 1857 WELL KNEW, ANOTHER 1857 and SUN WILL SET ON BRITISH EMPIRE THERE AND THEN
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  3. Will Sri Nitish Kumar read this write up before acting further and trying to flex his muscles,please ?

  4. Christian groups have this habit of creating a hero image … Just like they do to their god…
    In Hindus even god’s have suffered humiliation — Rama was accused by Vali n was given explanation, Krishna was cursed by Gandhari and was respected by Krishna … Only deeds make up Mahatma in Hindu faith and even ordinary people can even curse god himself if the feel is right — we offer such liberty to people…
    Can you question or even imagine questioning about mary or Jesus by any Christian? They are not given that right…
    Also a Christian person is made to look up as a great person by the entire population
    …( Raul by congress or pope of Vatican , how bad or idiotic they maybe… Or Francis of Jalandhar can even murder a fellow pastor n yet not comdemned by people)
    Now I really wonder if Gandhi n nehru were made such big persons by British so that they could rule indirectly Bharat with their congressmen…
    Else Bharat should have refined education system based on its vedic culture but Nehru only favoured missionaries…

  5. Even a father of family faces accusations and a father of nation is no safe place.
    He is answerable to the plight of Hindus in their own land, not even allowed to chant swamiyae Saranam aiyappa inside a temple.

  6. Mr Rajesh,
    Its very well annotated that,why Dr Ambedkar scornified Mr Gandhi in various occusion.
    It’s a well known fact that Mr Gandhi abrubtly follow the archaic system of casteism so called hindhuism which had a hefty structure of inequality.
    Here the content you are subjugating between Mr gandhi& vulnerable godse in view of Dr Ambedkar.

    Since both are having the same ideology but Mr Gandhi unexpectedly changed his course of action towards secularisam.

    How could you can justify the action of Godse with Dr Ambedkar.

    That too you are sowing venom in the mind of people
    Dr Ambedkar opposed gandhi, yes its true.
    But not in the view of RSS.

    • What’s wrong with the view of RSS…
      If you are so concerned about the respect for Ghandhi n secularism and equality take up the cause of freeing temples from government.
      Why should temples be under government but not churches or mosques…?
      Do the other religious places have darshan tickets or parking tickets…
      Why are Hindus alone taxed by government even in their place of worship…
      No rights for hindu institutions but the minority especially the Christian institutions get money from government, expand to private schools , acquire most of the lands in Bharat…convert or insist on students n teachers to convert to their faith in educational institutions…
      Almost all media are run by them…
      I bring Gandhi n nehru responsible for such a bad state of Hindus I’m Bharat.
      If Muslims were given Pakistan so should India have been named Hindu nation, atleast to preserve the only tolerant native religion with wonderful values yet looked upon by other faiths.

    • Mr Mohan is a secular (Christian) – The rascalised evil white Brit DNA ed prds and connivers of Brits, the conspirators and 5th column of the barbaric genocide BY White Xtian Brits and Portuguese killing 100 million Indians, (Oh bloody brown unwashed heathens, a BIB LIE says “Blacks are demons meant to be killed”, as its writer is the most deranged, demented devil ever born)
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      And hey I have full answer to all Dravidian bullshit with all proofs, if you want

  7. Grateful for this article. In fact, Ambedkar’s impression of most of his contemporaries is quite an eye opener for those who swear by those personalities–especially the Nehruvian communists.


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