Moral policing: Those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Moral Policing is not a right - it has to be earned.

Moral Policing is not a right - it has to be earned.
Moral Policing is not a right - it has to be earned.

Was the moral policing letter by 34 lawmakers to PM Modi, election time rhetoric?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he United States is perhaps one of the best countries to live in. There is freedom of speech (some may say it is excessive!), people have a right to bear arms (something that lingers from the colonial days of the 18th century) and for the most part, the residents are friendly to newcomers (including this writer, who arrived here in the eighties).

Moral Policing is not a right – it has to be earned.

The definition of “Political correctness” is led by the US in the West and underlines the sensitivities involved in understanding other cultures and civilizations. More people of mixed race exist here than anywhere else, which has led to an understanding and acceptance of different ways of life. Americans can also laugh at themselves as being more of a mixed-up race than a mixed race! Meritocracy is respected here more than perhaps anywhere else in the world.

So it comes as a complete surprise when 34 top American lawmakers wrote to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take immediate steps to protect their fundamental rights and bring the perpetrators to justice. Before we castigate India, have we looked at what is happening within our own country? Just yesteday, a naked man trashed a Sikh temple after breaking in and convincing himself that it was an ISIS hideout! The typical US response for such incidents is that the law of the land will move quickly (and it did) and will prevail. And the same applies to a democracy like India! But the larger question remains – should we be acting as the moral police for the world?

How many times has the US rebuked Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? Or for that matter, China? Are all these countries glowing beacons of democracy? So then why single out India, which is an island of tolerance in a sea of religious fervor around it?

Moral Policing is not a right – it has to be earned. Unless and until the world respects us, we have no business telling others on how to treat their own countrymen. Will the lawmakers, get out of the perpetual election mode and introspect first before shooting off letters to others?

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