#MahaMess I don’t see anything else – only the CM’s chair

#MahaMess I don't see anything else - only the CM's chair

#MahaMess I don't see anything else - only the CM's chair
#MahaMess I don't see anything else - only the CM's chair


  1. I really don’t know who’s advising BJP this badly.
    They got good mandate , they could have shared the chief minister post with shivsena. If they didn’t want such a thing, they should have contested alone earlier.
    They should have stuck on their promise after they won with alliance.
    What’s the harm in giving a half period chief ministership to Shivsena?
    They gave nitish the chance to rule even when his party had won a few seats.

    They have lost the goodwill that BJP has so far gathered …
    People voted for Shivsena -BJP combination…
    That should have been respected ..
    To satisfy the ego of a few people, Maharashtra politics is proving bad for the people.

    BJP seems to be in confusion.
    Either give half term for Shivsena or lose it fully to shivsena (with other alliances) — this was the situation.
    Half a period of good work was better than lose it all…
    Atleast Goodwill would have prevailed…

    After five years they could have contested alone.

    It’s just possible that shivsena might not be given a chance after the people see their rule of 2.5 years ..
    Equally, they might give a good rule too for 2.5 years…

    But losing all five years to ncp-shivsena-congress was idiotic on the part of bjp.

    They could have shared 2.5 years of rule and in local body polls they could have contested separately n given a good administration might have got to rule a full 5 years next election…

    Also i really don’t like that fadnavis n his wife’s attitude as if they are from sky…

    Bjp could have had another chief minister who didn’t have any ego to rule for 2.5 years if fadnavis had a problem with 2.5 years…

    Just my opinion…as a common person.

    • While I agree with most of your points, I doubt Fadnavis has the final say (so no question of his ego!!). BJP top brass would have taken the final decision.. but its definitely a loss


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