Maharashtra coup sending a shiver down the spines of many regional parties I Shekhar Iyer

Modi visits Hyderabad and Stalin catches a cold in Chennai. Murmu selection is splitting the opposition ranks. Shekhar Iyer graces our channel for the first time to share his thoughts.

A timely, balanced and insightful wrap by an eminent Journalist. Maha politics explained very well with relevant context (Bal Thackrey tradition of not holding CM role) by Shekar Iyer-ji.

Then the Murmu move clearly explained wrt Jharkhand, W Bengal. State of Telangana/KCR, Rajasthan, TN, Kerala..all covered.

MVA/SS ki durdasha Paririwar-waad ki Samapti ka shuruwaat hai !

‘satrap’ .. originating from Kshetra and Kshetrapal .. custodian of the region, implies there is a Centre. Window to rein in is Now.


  1. India will soon be gone.
    All the values inherited and venerated through the ages no longer exists.
    No point in speaking about temples and sages anymore.

    Money has taken away all values.

    When money was worth something!

    Earlier it was Rupees, Annas and Paise
    Then it was Rupees and Paise
    Now it is Rupees
    And only pieces of coloured paper of different sizes.


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