Mayawati’s Resignation Drama – Why are the other five BSP MPs not resigning?

Mayawati resignation drama - tantrum or trial balloon?

Mayawati resignation drama - tantrum or trial balloon?
Mayawati statue being washed

Shouldn’t the entire BSP team resign for the so called Dalit cause?

On July 18, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Supremo Mayawati made a surprise move by walking out from the Rajya Sabha and announcing her resignation in the name of the so-called Dalit cause. BSP has a total of six members (MPs) in the Rajya Sabha including Mayawati. If the cause was indeed that important, then why didn’t the other five also resign? The answer is simple: Mayawati has only eight months left in her term as her tenure in Rajya Sabha will end on April 2, 2018. But for most of the other BSP MPs, their tenure ends in either 2020 or 2022. And from Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati can’t come to Rajya Sabha as BSP’s tally in the UP Legislative Assembly has shrunk to just 19 MLAs.

This resignation drama could be a ploy by her to get back her Dalit vote bank.

BSP MPs Satish Chandra Misra and Ashok Siddharth have tenure up to July 4, 2022. Rajaram and Veer Singh will retire on November 25, 2020. Munquad’s term ends on April 2, 2018. With just 19 MLAs in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, no BSP member can hope to win from the state to Rajya Sabha, at least till 2022.

Her dramatic declaration, alleging that she was not allowed to speak on the so called Dalit atrocities in Uttar Pradesh does not hold water. Here’s why: Mayawati lost ground in Uttar Pradesh after the bizarre installation of her statues across the state, for which a whopping amount of Rs.4000 crores was spent from the exchequer. After this highly condemnable Statue installation spree in 2012, BSP has never won an election in Uttar Pradesh Assembly and/ or Lok Sabha elections. This resignation drama could be a ploy by her to get back her Dalit vote bank. If this does not pan out, Mayawati may experiment again. The resignation drama is nothing but a temper tantrum.

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