Swamy’s Cow Protection Bill comes up for debate in Rajya Sabha on Feb 2

The Cow Protection Bill, 2017 will be tabled for discussion and approval by Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha

The Cow Protection Bill, 2017 will be tabled for discussion and approval by Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha
The Cow Protection Bill, 2017 will be tabled for discussion and approval by Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy will be introducing a Bill in the Rajya Sabha to create an authority to ensure the stabilization of population of cows (Bos Indicus) and to suggest such measures so as to comply with articles 37 and 48 of the Indian Constitution, to ban the slaughter of cows and to provide for deterrent punishment including the death penalty for slaughter of cows and to provide for deterrent punishment. The Cow Protection Bill, 2017, is going to be tabled in the Parliament on February 2nd.

What is the Bos Indicus Cow?

The Bos Indicus species of cows is found mostly in the Indian Sub-continent. They have some unique characteristics that help the ecosystem in which they live. For instance, the Bos Indicus cow is Heat tolerant, has increased parasite and disease tolerance, and gives higher production in sub-tropical climates.

Bos Indicus cows can be identified by their unique hump. While they may not be able to produce milk in the same league as say the Jersey cow, it is a fact that they have many positive qualities and have been identified as being part of the family they grow up in for centuries. The cow is revered because it is like a substitute mother, providing milk when needed. The cow dung and urine have unique medicinal properties and even a dead carcass has been known to make an infertile land fertile.

They also have large ears and dewlap (the saggy skin in front of their chest), which help to keep them cool. Bos Indicus cattle are better suited to walking long distances for water and foraging. Tropical breeds are tick resistant and well-suited to the extremes in temperature.

As India has become one of the foremost producers of Beef, the Bos Indicus cow is in danger of extinction unless it is protected. A copy of the bill that will be presented in the Rajya Sabha is shown below:

Cow Protection Bill Page 1
Cow Protection Bill Page 2
Cow Protection Bill Page 3
Cow Protection Bill Page 4
Cow Protection Bill Page 5
Cow Protection Bill Page 6

Fig 1. Cow Protection Bill 2017
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  1. Why discriminate between Indian cows and hybrid cows when it comes to topic of slaughter ban ? We know that it is the hybrid cows that is satisfying the milk demand of country with such high population even though it is a fact that A2 is superior to A1. Hindus consider all cows as mother. We cannot command the respect among non-hindu communities for our religious sentiment for cow if we start discriminating native vs hybrid cows and weaken our argument ourselves.
    Cow slaughter must be banned in totality without this breed distinction. However, appreciate Dr Swamy’s efforts to ban cow slaughter. But it remains a half measure until efforts are made to ban all Cow slaughter on grounds of hurting Hindu religious sentiments. At the same time I appreciate this bill lays emphasis on stabilising the population of Bos Indicus cows and stating the need for setting up more Gow-shalas. I say generate the money for running such Gow-shalas from our own temple revenue and assets by freeing our temples from Government control. When will the Government free our temples ?

    • The ban on cow slaughter is in my personal opinion, vote bank politics. This ban on cow slaughter is just to give the eclairs to the andh bhakts who are obviously andha about everything and anything.
      Hence – it is politically prudent to make enough and more wiggle room for the slaughter of cows. That is why we see the so called “discrimination” of the cows.

  2. Most politicians just regurgitate abt protecting cows. But here is a politicians who always walk the talk. Kudos to Subramanian Swamy.

  3. COW SLAUGHTER BAN will not work unless CHEMICAL FARMING is stringently implemented.

    A ban on CHEMICAL FARMING entails a closure of 50 Trillion poisonous FARM CHEMICAL Industry / Mafia

    Ban on CHEMICAL FARMING will also totally throw the PHARMA MAFIA out of business because – a consumer of an ORGANIC PRODUCT is almost unlikely to fall sick.

    India needs genuinely honest PM & CMs to ban CHEMICAL FARMING, ALLOPATHY, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO to take us back to the prosperous Pre-British days.

    Currently – apart from Pawan Chamling of Sikkim, I don’t see any politician or leader who is bold & honest

  4. I’d say that there is 10% chance a private members’ bill getting passed. However it does leave an impact on the nation that cow protection now getting voice in the national assembly. Also there is an app launched by Subramanian Swamy “Cow Connect”. Very educating and valuable app it is.


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