Mehbooba Mufti’s attitude makes one wonder the worst

What kind of an Indian Chief Minister is she who, when her own State’s perverts are at fault, she believes in “talks” with Pak?

her attitude makes one wonder the worst
her attitude makes one wonder the worst

There has been no evidence of Mufti expressing gratitude to the Indian nation for what it has been doing for her State for decades, pumping large finance subsidies year after year after year.

Ever since she became the Chief Minister of our Jammu & Kashmir State, she has been mollycoddling the “Separatist” clan living there, the terrorists in Pakistan who have been infiltrating into our land ever so often and the disguised terrorists living within us.

Thus, there has been no evidence of her restraining the Hurriyat’s multifarious activities, either publicly or personally on a one-to-one basis. No meeting with them when they were accused of burning schools. In fact, no FIR against them for any unholy activity of which they were widely suspected. There has been no evidence of her having met the stone pelters, whom she has called as “misguided youth, and, instead of punishment, they have been given amnesty. And there is no evidence of her sharing tea and sympathy for the Indian Army and its braves who have saved her State often enough from ravage and mayhem. Instead, she served Major Gogoi with an FIR for tying a mischief monger just to save his soldiers from a savage attack by a gang of stone pelting goons.

Section 3 of Jammu & Kashmir’s published Constitution says: “The Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.”

And, finally, there has been no evidence of her expressing gratitude to the Indian nation for what it has been doing for her State for decades, pumping large finance subsidies year after year after year. Only two times, one remembers, has she spoken graciously about India’s top leaders. One was praising Vajpayee for his philosophy of Kashmirayat, jambooriyat (democratic) and insaaniyat (humaneness) attitude to Jammu & Kashmir State; the second came after Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech last year when he warmly welcomed that Kashmir should be thought of only in terms of na gaali na goli (neither abuse nor gun)note the stress on her State alone.

Her latest maneuver has been to impose — courtesy our government in Delhi — a unilateral ceasefire during the Islamic festival of Ramzan. And never mind the brutal attack of stones and chairs on our CRPF jeep. She quickly dared to file an FIR against that vehicle’s driver whose speedy escape from the proposed attack resulted in the death of one of those pelting goons.

That has resulted in Ms. Mufti agonizingly saying “Talks (with Pakistan) are now the only solution.” Mani Shankar Aiyer and his entire Congress band must have been tickled with that.

What kind of an Indian Chief Minister is she who, when her own State’s perverts are at fault, she believes in “talks” with Pak?

It’s clear that Ms. Mufti is a graceless female, reluctant to talk about anything excepting her own State. India means little to her, it would seem.

Although a law graduate from the University of Kashmir, this 59-year-old Chief Minister does not remember her own State’s published Constitution which became a reality in November 1956. She does not remember that Sheikh Abdullah, the tallest leader ever of Kashmir, had asked his people to choose between allegiance to India, allegiance to Pakistan and Independence, but the Constituent Assembly chose the India allegiance. And the Sheikh welcomed it. And, Section 3 of that very Constitution says: “The Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.”

Further, Section 147 of that same Constitution prevents any amendment of that Section. It says that no bill or amendment seeking to make any change in the provisions of section 3 shall be introduced or moved in either House of the Legislature” (of J&K State.)  Thus, Section 3 of the J&K State Constitution is not amendable. The J&K State shall forever remain an integral part of the Union of India. Period. Therefore, those ambitious Kashmir-lovers who are aiming to achieve “Azadi” for J&K will have to first decide what they will do with their existing Constitution, and how they will do that.

Let our Prime Minister not mollycoddle Pakistan in any sort of way, cease-fire or a surprise visit to the home of someone like Nawaz Sharif. Instead, we want him to be his usual daring self.

Will our Home Minister bring the above to Ms. Mufti’s knowledge? Will he, that simple man who tends to act as a simpleton so often, do that…please? Perhaps more importantly, will the daring Prime Minister do that himself? And why is he, such a bold man, so soft on Ms. Mufti — always? It is indeed an intriguing matter.

To me, this matter is as intriguing as Ms. Mufti’s fetish to forever keep her dupatta hiding her ears and head. Expert readers of the face and human mannerism who discover the hidden “insides” of a person could throw light on Ms. Mufti’s “secrets” which have largely remained unknown. Perhaps her dupatta obsession reveals that she is totally committed to Islam, after which Pakistan is named; perhaps she is hiding that, like her father, she is an ex-Congressi who loves Pak the Islamic State; perhaps she is hiding her unhappy marriage which ended in a bitter divorce; perhaps she is hiding that one of her two daughters, Iitija, is presently (as on 13th March 2018) working in the London Office of the High Commission of India, the country to which she is allergic.

Where to go from here? Perhaps we should send her to Islamabad for “talks” with Pakistan and ascertain just what deal Ms would like to get from that country and what they are willing to give in exchange. To ensure that she is comfortable with all those top soldiers, we can request Mani Shankar Aiyar to accompany her.

Meanwhile, let our Prime Minister not mollycoddle Pakistan in any sort of way, cease-fire or a surprise visit to the home of someone like Nawaz Sharif. Instead, we want him to be his usual daring self, Mehbooba or no Mehbooba; yes, we want only Bharat Mata ki Jai — with or without both, gali and goli.

But before that, he must cajole Ms. Mufti to watch the very short video of an ordinary Kashmiri citizen rebuking the Hurriyat leaders including Saeed Ahmed Gillani. That authentic video was shown at least ten times by the two popular English TV channels on June four.

Finally, Ms. Mufti must know the modern outlook on her obsession with kashmiriyat. If only she asks what that word denotes today, she will get the following answer:

“Kashmiriyat is the ethnonational and social consciousness and cultural values of the Kashmiri people. … However, scholar Christopher Snedden states that the concept of Kashmiriyat has been ‘romanticised’ and Kashmiriyat could not prevent antipathy and rivalry between the Kashmiri Pandits and the Kashmiri Muslims.” That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Arvind Lavakare has been a freelance writer since 1957. He has written and spoken on sports on radio and TV. He currently writes on political issues regularly. His writings include a book on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

His freelancing career began in "The Times of India" with a sports article published when he was a month shy of 20 years of age. He was also a regular political affairs columnist first for for five years or so and then shifted to He also wrote extensively for "till it stopped publication."


  1. What and where are the Jihadis/IS/ terrorists supply routes and training and indoctrination centres located? Who has set them up, who is maintaining them and supporting them? Besides, what about human rights suppressions in Azad Kashmir and relegating them to 2nd class citizens of a failed nation? You get the answer. Modi has to get prepared to remove these landmines or obstacles from the march of Indian democracy. He must do so and the time has come. Every single Indian is and will support him unquestionably. 2019 victory or no-victory – it is not that significant issue. Sometimes in the life of a person one has to rise to the call of duty given by conscience, even it be at the peril of one’s very own risk.

  2. Let us not assume that Modi, Doval, Rajnath Singh, Jitendra Singh quartet do not understand that J&K is an Islamic Jihadi issue with Pak as a major player. Islamees have a penchant for fight and Caliphate. Each one in Hurriyat plus Mehbooba and Abdullahs dream of becoming the Caliph. If Modi wins bug in 2019 you will see a sea change in policy. Else UPA3 will cannibalise India and we lose Kashmir. Till then patience.
    Islamees will not come to senses unless Srinagar is rendered into a Syria.

  3. The sooner she is sent packing lock, stock and barrel it is better for the Indian Nation. J&K cannot run without Central Govt grant. Dismiss Mehbooba Govt using Art 356 and Abrogate Art 370 & 35-A through a Presidential Order, as advised by Dr Subramanian Swamy. Put J&K under the tight control of Indian Army to throw out all infiltrators, anti-nationals, ISIS elements, Pak supporting elements eliminate without any sympathy. Abdul Ghani Lone. Jamat-e-Islam: Syed Ali Shah Geelani -Awami Action Committee: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq-People’s League, Sheikh Yaqoob – Itehad-ul-Muslimeen, Mohammad Abbas Ansari-Muslim Conference: Abdul Ghani Bhat. JKLF: Yasin Malik, Gilani, Saifudin Soz, Omar-Farooq Abdullahs, Sabeer shah etal be put behind bars under National Security Act as a preventive measure. This is the only way that Indian Govt can establish rule of law and complete integration of J&K with Indian Union. Grant citizenship rights to all the Hindu / Sikhs and their descendants migrated from Pakistan during partition. Settle retired Indian Army personnel along LAC / Indian Border with Pak in J&K, Raj, Gujarat. Create two or three more Army Cantonments / Airforce stations in Kashmir border tackle militancy and insurgency effectively. Ideally, Make Kashmir as Union Territory, declare Jammu a separate State including Ladakh region within it. This will help to solve the Kashmir issue permanently. This BJP alone is capable of doing. No other political parties may dare to discuss the above issues even within their party forum, such is the fear of muslim vote bank. The present Governor Shri Vora appears totally disgusted with the State Govt’s inept handling of repeated hartals, stone pelting on Armed forces. Because of his old age factor he is unable to function effectively to contain the violence in J & K. Some one endowed with high level of patriotism to our Mother land having manifest competence and possessing unimpeachable personal integrity and ability to act with a grit and determination of Former Union Minister & Ex Governor of J&K Shri Jag Mohan, be appointed as new Governor of J&K to stem the rot and root out corruption and terrorism permanently from J & K. Does the PM Shri Narendra Modi is willing to do the above actions in the interest of maintaining our National Unity and teritorrial Integrity ? If this NDA Govt led by Shri Narendra Modi can’t do the above and no other Single party or Coalition Government that may come at the Centre will ever think of doing the above. If Shri Narendra Modi takes the above steps ruthlessly, he will be endearing himself to our entire Countrymen and women and there is NO doubt he will get re-elected with resounding majority winning more than 380 Lok Sabha MPs for BJP alone. A challenging and an uphill task indeed.

  4. Arvind has been more tha fair in being tolerant for such a long time. He has at last come out fairly strongly against the J and K C.m and that too giving very valid reasons.Obviously our P.M is in thoughts both on the Chinese Afghan and Russian fronts to take hasty decisions. A senior journalist of his caliber has brought the truth of some parts of her facial readings although not fully to alert the public at large of her wrong doings and wasteful statements.In my humble opinion she is a very confused person unfit to be a C.M of J and K.


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