Mevani: A wannabe messiah in the company of traitors

Mevani may have done his cause a great deal of harm, accepting donations from PFI, an Islamic Fundamentalist organization

Mevani may have done his cause a great deal of harm, accepting donations from PFI, an Islamic Fundamentalist organization
Mevani may have done his cause a great deal of harm, accepting donations from PFI, an Islamic Fundamentalist organization

The wannabe Dalit messiah, Jignesh Mevani, seems busy tying himself in knots. Instead of taking on the Narendra Modi government for its gross ineptitude and mismanagement of the economy, he is entering into a territory in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its followers are strongest—emotive issues. To make the matters worse for himself and other anti-BJP elements, his fraternization with unsavory elements like ultra-Leftists and Muslim fundamentalists will play in the hands of the saffron establishment.

In his bid to get-successful-quick, Mevani has tied up with Islamists. He has admitted to accepting Rs. 51,000 as a donation from the Popular Front of India (PFI), the terror-linked body in Kerala.

Mevani won his seat as an independent candidate in the recently held Gujarat Assembly elections, but that has a lot to do with the incompetence of the State and Central governments. It is evident that the BJP governments have failed to galvanize economic development and boost employment generation. When Modi won in 2014, the need of the hour was a drastic dose of reforms; what we got instead was ‘incrementalism’ which did little to revive the economy. While on the front the Modi regime exhibited pusillanimity, in his quixotic endeavors—demonetization, the Gauche implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST)—he showed remarkable zeal and recklessness. Growth has slowed and job creation sluggish; indeed there has been considerable loss of jobs because of demonetization.

Then there are the saffron cowboys who bring a bad name to the government and the country.

The folks like Mevani and Hardik Patel, and the new sprightliness in the Congress, is the product and function of Modi’s bad policies and poor governance. Modi messed up, so they came to the fore. But now, they are messing up. Especially Mevani.

In his bid to get-successful-quick, Mevani has tied up with Islamists. He has admitted to accepting Rs. 51,000 as a donation from the Popular Front of India (PFI), the terror-linked body in Kerala. His excuse? “If PFI is a dubious group, then what is the man with a 56-inch chest doing? Why has there been no action from him?”

In a way, Mevani has given a clean chit to the organization accused of spreading the ideology of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. But this is like saying that just because a lower court has acquitted the accused in the 2G case in a bad judgment, there was no wrong-doing involved in spectrum allocation. Of just because Modi, because of some political calculations, is not acting against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra, P. Chidambaram, etc., in UPA scams, they had no involvement. Perhaps, they were not involved, but this can be known only after they are tried and acquitted. The Modi government, on its part, has done little to bring them to book. It is senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy who is doing the job that the government should have been doing.

Further, Mevani, like others, hasn’t come up with any positive agenda for the Dalits whom he claims to represent and the country at large. Instead, all of them have decided to fight culture wars—the wars which, as I mentioned earlier, the BJP fights with remarkable dexterity. A first information report or FIR has been filed against him for inciting violence in a “provocative speech.” In response, he said, “Not a word in my speech is inflammatory. I did not even go to the spot of Bhima-Koregaon event. Despite being in Maharashtra, I did not participate in the bandh organized by the Dalits.”

Only legal scrutiny will prove, and a court of law of will decide, whether he is correct, but what is indisputable is the fact that he is seen regularly with the break-India gang. A messiah can ill-afford to be in the company of traitors.

Ravi Shanker Kapoor
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  1. Its sad our writers and readers going after mr modis govt of 3 yrs and never questioning 70 yrs of congress mess created and work ethics of millions in govt employees who have been corrupted inside out.Person like Mevani , hardik patel can be silenced if our reporters can ask them simple questions when congress couldn’t create how to expect in 3 yrs so many changes by modi when people like them are no cooperating with modi . ,.,

  2. I think this article accusing Govt on so many front is unacceptable, as it takes time to streamline everything.Aadhar, GST & demonitesation all help in reducing scope of black money & corruption, more straightforward dealings hapoen. Now saying only SSwamy is doing the job, why not he is a member of ruling party.

  3. Don’t agree with the author. Biased & opiniated. No facts have been presented. Just unsavoury comments in line with Mr Shourie & Y Sinha.

  4. terms like quixotic for DeMo n GST show immaturity of the author, who assumes on himself a divine perfection… i can’t say if anything can b more stupid.
    there r pulls and pressures, for an office of the FMI… but d1 has been selected continues till date..

    as if the author is the repository of all wisdom, he undermines the herculean effort to demonetize the Indian economy…makes me feel that idiots abound, even on pGurus…

    Jignesh shows his cultural depravity at each drop of a hat, his cultural moorings and his upbringing, abusing NaMo everytime a camera faces him.

    the media is giving him an undue coverage, in a similar fashion as Arvind Kejriwal, who was beyond any doubt sponsored by anti-national forces. while AK was shrewd, JM is absolutely uncouth n uncultured to put it mildly. praising him in contrast to Modiji, indicates the intellectual vacuum that exists in the mind of the author.

    it would b better for pGurus to get such jokers away from their publishing list

  5. It seems that the country is longing for scams which were routine in the previous regime. Though present govt is interested in bringing out the corrupted politicians,public may misunderstand as is wellknown fact that trial process of Indiancourts is cumberrsome amd time consuming, .Govt should establish special courts for the cases against politicians with fixed time limit.

  6. It’s not the first time that this country has traitors. History is full of examples. Furthermore, not taking action against any wrong doer is nothing new. You have the likes of Prithviraj & Bin Kasim. This country has been blessed. So it has survived the onslaughts over the centuries inspite of getting broken up so many times. Now, there just a small part of akhand Bharat that is left. Modiji & Co need to be very careful as anti-india forces are far from crushed.

  7. Has pGurus started to criticize Modi/NDA govt just to please an inconsistent chest thumbing politian who has no tangible or noteworthy achievement in his political career? Enjoys all privileges provided by PM & never miss an opportunity to criticize PM &FM.
    If R3 has retired at the end of his term this man claims credit. SC rejected his impeding petition in the Ayodhya case. No progress in NH case! No foothold in home state tn’s politics. Once called Sonia, Jaya & Maya as laxmi, saraswati & durga.
    I would say he is another version of Kejriwal.

    • PGurus states facts – period. We don’t do it on behalf of anyone. Before you throw out accusations, you may want to back them up with facts. Otherwise, you will lose credibility.

      • When the author says the govt has not done anything on the economic front, he is talking without relying on any facts & figures.
        When the author writes about ‘Saffron Cowboys’
        What does he mean? Where is the fact.
        When you talk about Gauche implementation of GST, What do you mean? Tries to ridicule the herculean efforts of the FM. even the reference to 56 inch is not in good taste!!
        I am a no body. Think whose credibility is at stake.

      • Title of this article suggests something while the ‘article body’ is blatantly ANTIMODY. Can’t accept the author’s criticism of DEMONETIZATION. Joblosses could have happened in UNFAIR TRADES like ‘drug peddling’, ‘fake currency circulation’ and ‘woman trafficking’. Does the author want the Govt to allow such unfair trades to flourish just to avoid JOBLOSSES. Does the author prefer to let 10 trillion cash sleep in the godowns of the corrupt – enabling them to carry out ANTINATIONAL ACTIVITIES. The author seems to be ignorant of the fact DEMONETIZATION enriched the GOvt to such an extent that UNSECURED and INTEREST FREE loans to the tune of 5 trillion has been advanced to 9 crore entrepreneurs in the last 2 years which has generated more than 5 core new unrecorded jobs.


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