Modi rips in to Congress in the Parliament

Modi rips in to Congress in the Parliament , especially taking RaGa head on

Modi rips into Congress
Modi rips into Congress
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  1. Good blast by Modi … long over due…. time for elections… more to hear now…. fight to finish Khangress….. Khangress has last chance to mimic battle cries… or sit & only cry & get fried !!!!

  2. This is just a trailer, lot more is there as congress says IIT & IIM are gift from nehru, then where was he & congress when china took TIBET & why china was gifted UNSC seat offered to us? What was nehru doing till 12 ling years to open a premiere education institute if he was genuine & interested?
    Why despite a clear win in 1971, indira surrendered on dialogue?
    Only India is a fool which sent brothers to kill brothers in other nation.
    & Lot more.


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