Modi’s success infuriates Rahul

Is Rahul Gandhi angry at Modi because his game plan is getting ruined?

Is Rahul Gandhi angry at Modi because his game plan is getting ruined?
Is Rahul Gandhi angry at Modi because his game plan is getting ruined?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap]re there any depths to which the Congress will not descend? Party vice-president Rahul Gandhi is known for remarks which are when not either puerile and stupid or downright outrageous. In his jihad against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, the Nehru-Gandhi family scion has crossed all the limits of decency and propriety.

Modi’s clinical and calibrated belligerence is yielding results.

On the subject of the surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Rahul said, “Jo hamare jawan hain jinhone apna khoon diya hai, Jammu and Kashmir mein khoon diya hai, jinhone Hindustan ke liye surgical strike kiye hain, unke khoon ke peeche aap chhupe hain. Unki aap dalali kar rahe ho. Yeh bilkul galat hai” (You [Mr. Modi] are hiding behind the blood of soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir, and those who carried out the surgical strikes for India. You are exploiting their sacrifices, which is very wrong).

Quite apart from the unctuousness, it is the maliciousness of the charge, that Modi is politicking with the blood of Indian soldiers, that is wrong and disconcerting. There are reports about posters lionizing Modi as Lord Ram in Varanasi. While Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is the Ravana, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is portrayed as Meghanad, the son of Ravana. The posters were prepared by the Bharatiya Janata Party ally, the Shiv Sena.

While such posters are obviously not in good taste, Rahul’s reaction is exceptionally spiteful. Especially at a time when the Prime Minister is trying to resist escalation.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]W[/dropcap]The trigger for Rahul’s, and his party’s, malice is Modi’s sudden emergence as a strong leader. It now appears that the Prime Minister was working to a plan. Right from inviting Sharif to the swearing-in ceremony to the on-and-off talks with Pakistanis and his dramatic stopover in Pakistan, Modi made it abundantly clear to his own people, the Pakistanis, and the world at large that he was genuinely interested in peace in the subcontinent. The surgical strikes came at a point when everybody was convinced that the mullah-military mafia of Pakistan was incorrigible. This is the reason that India has got such international support, while Islamabad has been isolated. Even Muslim countries are against Pakistan, the nation that came into being in the name of Islam.

Modi’s success in doing that is infuriating the Congress—and driving Rahul mad.

During his long march to garner support, Modi attracted considerable flak and adverse comments, including from this writer. But he stayed the course.

Equally, perhaps more, admirable is his conduct after the strikes. Instead of indulging in grand rhetoric, Modi has remained focused on reining in Pakistan without escalating the tensions in the region. The ruling dispensation even ensured that ministers and BJP leaders don’t indulge in chest thumping, though Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has been less than discreet in this regard.

Modi’s clinical and calibrated belligerence is yielding results. According to a report in Pakistan’s Dawn, at a recent meeting, “in a blunt, orchestrated and unprecedented warning, the civilian government has informed the military leadership of a growing international isolation of Pakistan and sought consensus on several key actions by the state.”

It was decided at the meeting that the ISI’s Director General, Gen. Rizwan Akhtar, and National Security Adviser Nasser Janjua would travel to each of the four provinces with a message for provincial apex committees and ISI sector commanders. “The message: military-led intelligence agencies are not to interfere if law enforcement acts against militant groups that are banned or until now considered off-limits for civilian action. Gen. Akhtar’s inter-provincial tour has begun with a visit to Lahore.”

When was the last time such a development was heard of? If there is one person who should get the credit, it is Modi.

This is not to belittle the role of our military, for it is not a zero-sum game; it is not that either the government gets the credit or the armed forces; both work in tandem. But whether or not they do so is determined by the civilian government, and that (unfortunately for Rahul) is headed by Modi. The capability and bravery of our soldiers was never in doubt; it is Modi who has got the nerve to channelize that in order to strengthen national defence.

Modi’s success in doing that is infuriating the Congress—and driving Rahul mad.

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  1. The indian army inflicted a surgical incision inside PoK which the entire polity is discussing. But what is not being discussed is the surgical strike Modi inflicted on the entire opposition but more important, they cannot even dugest. Really great.

  2. In Tamil There is a saying – Thayaippola Pillai Noolappola Selai” means “SareeSaree’s Quality Depends on the yarn Quality, Thus Children quality character depend on Mother.
    Sonia called : Maut ka Saudagar; No wonder her child RaGa used Khoon Ki Dalali.
    Shameless Dynasty crooks


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