Mohenjo Daro – How truly does it reflect the past?

Rajiv Malhotra looks at the movie Mohenjo Daro and opines on how it depicts the history

This can be called a movie review, with the objective of seeing how it depicts the history of Mohenjo Daro. Highly recommend that you watch this video first before seeing the movie.


  1. I might see it without payin a dime to this movie maker Sicular director,storywriters who tow the faux/false story lines borrowed from Pakisthani Islamists and western Aryan/dravidian breaking India scholars.I will watch the movie,analyse it and debunk it by way of not giving this insincere “history” writer,movie-makers a single penny via revenue through threater money.

  2. When I saw the horses in the trailer of the movie I was delighted thinking a ha! so this narrative acknowledges horses in Mohenjo-Daro. Thanks for the warning Rajiv sir, as I’m too tired of the other side of narrative of Indus Valley, I have planned ditching this movie and rather watch Rustom.

  3. I just loved this review. Thank you, Rajiv Malhotra! I do want to watch the movie now! The director says that he has stuck to one school of thought regarding the interpretations of the Indus-Saraswati civilisation and further offers that those subscribing to other interpretations would find some bones to pick. A good and positive outcome of this movie would be a renewed interest to find out all the various interpretations that hopefully leads to more incisive public debates so that we really and actually celebrate our ancient civilisation!


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