More than 40 local boys have joined ranks of different militant outfits in Kashmir

Is Kashmir militancy a result of failed leadership?

Is Kashmir militancy a result of failed leadership?
Is Kashmir militancy a result of failed leadership?



  • An Assistant Professor from Kashmir University, who joined militancy, eliminated by security forces in a gunfight
  • More than 40 local boys have joined ranks of different militant outfits this year so far

After Burhan Wani, hailed as poster boy of Pro-Pakistan militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen 33 year old Associate Professor Mohammad Rafi Bhat of Kashmir University,killed in encounter with security forces in South Kashmir’s Shopian district on Sunday, is all set to become a rallying point for radicalised youth waiting in the wings to join ranks of different militant outfits in Kashmir valley.

His killing in an encounter with four other militants including Saddam Paddar, longest surviving member of Burhan Wani camp, triggered mass protests in different parts of Kashmir valley.

He also became an instant hit on the social networking sites where his students, well-wishers and silent sympathizers paid him glowing tributes and took a pledge to continue the war.

However, some of the senior security officers privately claimed the death of an Assistant Professor from Kashmir University may lead to more students joining militancy in the coming days.

“He will become a rallying point. We have to be very watchful of the ground situation. Kashmir valley is already passing through a crucial phase where more and more radicalised youth, with good academic back ground taking the plunge and joining ranks of militancy”, a senior police officer revealed during private conversation.

In the recent months the number of youth with sound academic back ground have joined ranks of militant outfits and were later neutralised due to poor training.

Eisa Fazli, an engineering student from Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Mannan Wani, a PHD scholar from Aligarh Muslim University, Abid Nazir, an engineering graduate who had also qualified National Defence Academy Test and now an assistant professor of Kashmir University have so far joined ranks of militant outfits and also got killed without participating in any operations against the security forces.

Failure of mainstream political parties triggering more unrest?

Failure of mainstream political parties to occupy the space and growing alienation of common masses is leading to chaotic situation in parts of Kashmir valley.

Lack of good governance, trust deficit, poor implementation of schemes, rampant corruption is compounding the miseries of ‘aam admi’ and leaving him stranded mid way with no ray of hope on the horizon.

The situation in South Kashmir districts is worrisome on ground zero.

Despite killing large number of local militants the security forces have yet to establish their control in the area. Every time an encounter took place large number of local residents have been stepping out of their houses to target security forces with stones.

In return the security forces have been exercising restraint to prevent any flare of law and order situation.

On the other hand mainstream politicians are leaving no stone unturned to play dirty politics to consolidate their grip and project failure of rival parties resulting in volatile situation on ground zero.

Ahead of reopening of durbar move offices in Srinagar and peak tourist season Kashmir valley has been witnessing sudden spike in incidents of militant related violence .

But this time the contours of the unrest across Kashmir valley and other indicators are serious in nature as the valley is going through a crucial phase of churning where more and more educated youth,feeling suffocated, are picking up guns and fighting a lonely battle with the security forces.

The social media has emerged as the biggest villain. Radicalisation of youth from different parts of kashmir valley and free flow of money in to the hands of stone pelting youth has resulted in total break down of law and order situation.

Disenchantment with the ruling dispensation headed by Mehbooba Mufti in alliance with BJP is another big factor which is pushing youth towards path of violence.

Mehbooba Mufti vs Omar Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday expressed deep anguish and grief over the death of five civilians killed at Shopian.

In a statement, the Chief Minister said it sounds very depressing to note that our State is losing young lives to the unending cycle of violence who could otherwise be utilized for a positive contribution to the State.

She said today’s deaths have brought a stark fact to fore that gun, either way of a militant or that of security forces, is no solution for resolving issues.

“I have reiterated it time and again that Political issues need political interventions”, she said while appealing youth that their energies, youthfulness, dreams and aspirations are far more important and sacred to the society than their dead bodies or graves.

The Chief Minister appealed all sections of civil society, media, students, parents and other stakeholders to rise to this critical occasion, play their role and help in putting an end to this cycle of bloodshed in the State.

J&K issues can be resolved through a sustained dialogue process

Mehbooba Mufti Sunday reiterated her stand that issues in Jammu & Kashmir can be resolved only through a sustained dialogue between all stakeholders.

She said the three decades’ long violence in the State is a testimony to the fact that guns from either side cannot ensure peace but a compassion driven reconciliation process based on mutual respect surely can.

In this regard, the Chief Minister appealed the national leadership of the country to show the element of compassion and empathy as required by the present day situation here and display the statesmanship to get Jammu & Kashmir out of the quagmire of killings by engaging in a meaningful dialogue in the State.

“The sooner it happens, the more we can get our State out of the vicious cycle of killings and destruction”, she added.

In response, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah in an apparent taunt termed the killing of a KU assistant professor as “an answer to those who claim jobs and development are the solutions to the violence and alienation in Kashmir”.

“This is another tragic development in a steady stream of tragedies in Kashmir,” Omar Abdullah said in a tweet.

Brief Profile of Assistant Professor who survived for less than 48 hours as militant commander?

The facebook page of Mohd Rafi Bhat, an assistant professor in the sociology department of Kashmir University declares I am a human being first then a Muslim.

He went missing on Friday afternoon. He belonged to Chunduna village in Ganderbal district.

There were angry protests in the university campus on Saturday after students demanded the authorities to work towards tracking down the missing professor.

Bhat had a doctorate in sociology and had cleared the UGC’s Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). He had also done research on globalization, emerging trends in consumerism and a comparative study of rural and urban Kashmir.

The security forces tried to pacify the assistant professor to lay down his arms and even brought his parents from Ganderbal to appeal to him to surrender. Instead of responding to the passionate appeals he sought forgiveness from his father before he was neutralized by the security forces in the gunfight.


  1. If only our Security Forces had been allowed to use rubber pellets lot of these stone throwing terrorists would have been disabled. Bjp is as much an appeaser of muslims as congress. Periodically art of living cultist SSRS tinkers claiming his breathing techniques would turn all terrorists into saints.

    In India it pays to be terrorist. Did we not read mehbooba mufti offering lakhs of rupees for those terrorists willing to give up stone throwing ?

    Army shopuld be given unfettered freedom to kill all the stone throwing terrorists & their supporters instead of calling them ”civilians”. mehbooba mufti the cm herself is one of their supporters.

    That India incapable of killing terrorists of kashmir ought not to twirl its moustache at China.

    Btw , what happened to those Hindu Engineers abducted in afghanistan by muslims ?
    Had it been a christian padre or any muslim the secular government would have rescued them by now.

    Stop doing all infrastructure building up in afghanistan , bangladesh etc. Stop all subsidies to kasmiri muslims. Deport all rohingya muslims to Myanmar. Their Army shall annihilate them all.

  2. The army-police joint ops have been good so far, but there is a need to massively hone intelligence gathering and the kill capacity. let it be known to separatists and the terrorists on either side of the border that the life expectancy of anyone willing to join the Islamists is just a few hours. The center can not only speak softly and patiently but also carry with it a big stick and a ferocious german shephard.

  3. All those so called local boys already had their sympathies with pak, ISI and islamists. These so called local boys were pretending to be neutral to be able to receive pay and other benefits from the central govt and pass the same on towards fomenting their hate ideology and bringing in fresh recruits. Now that the robe of deception has been lifted everyone is showing their true colors.

  4. Nice, Indian army will certainly sends them all to meet up with the 72 virgins soon. More the merrier.

  5. Chief minister Mehabooba should ask police to pick out the antinationals and keep in jail rather than discouraging the actions of army of flushing out terrorists.


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