Mr. Prannoy Roy, you are lying through your teeth

Candid reply to NDTV and Prannoy Roy on their rant on the web

Reply to the long winding post by NDTV on Roy & PGurus
Reply to the long winding post by NDTV on Roy & PGurus

You siphoned more than Rs.145 crores from NDTV & cheated investors

NDTV has come out with a blatant lie on Monday accusing Swaminathan Gurumurthy, Subramanian Swamy and PGurus for maligning them and spreading lies against them.  And that the main promoter Prannoy Roy has not siphoned even a single penny from NDTV.


Mr. Roy, please read these two articles exposing how you have siphoned around Rs. 145 crores ($21.5 million) from NDTV and cheated investors by routing money through your shell company RRPR Holdings Pvt Ltd. RRPR stands for Radhika Roy Prannoy Roy. Why did you float this shell company? Was it to siphon the money in the name of Stock Exchange listed company NDTV?  These two posts are based on the findings of the Income Tax Department.

The first article showing how RRPR holdings diverted Rs. 53.84 crores ($8 million) to Prannoy Roy’s personal account:

The second article showing you and your wife Radhika availed interest free personal loan of Rs. 92 crores ($13.6 million) after obtaining a Rs.375 crores ($55.6 million) loan from ICICI Bank:

You and NDTV always hark back to one adverse judgment against whistleblower Income Tax Commissioner S K Srivastava. The judgment was adverse, because of the use of certain un-parliamentary words on his petition. You hounded him with the help of the then Finance Minister, causing him immense mental torture. But he is fully recovered now and is free from all the false charges hoisted against him and is back in service as Income Tax Commissioner of Noida region.

Meanwhile, as far as your links with P Chidambaram are concerned, let me tell you one fact. At present the 2G Court has sent Letters Rogatory to London in Aircel-Maxis scam, after Enforcement Directorate found that during the scam period,  the Malaysian company Maxis has some money trail with your NDTV, ranging around Rs. 200 crores. Mr. Roy, if you are as pure as the driven snow, why don’t you suo moto give the details to ED or the 2G Court?

Don’t think you can always escape using your Lutyens network.  I challenge you to contest our reports. Rebut with facts. Don’t make arbitrary assumptions and then scoot away.

Last but not the least, you said my website is owned by Gurumurthy. Wrong. But I must say I am proud to be a friend of Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Gurumurthy. There is a lot I have learnt and am continuing to learn from their honesty, sincerity and probity in public life.

One more thing Mr. Roy. There is a difference in the journalism practised by you and Gurumurthy. Gurumurthy’s journalism underwent baptism with fire, locking horns with Dhirubhai Ambani, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi with solid evidence, which stood the test of time. As for yours, I will let the readers decide.


Sree Iyer

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  1. NDTV’s deafening silence on diversion of money to personal accounts and availing interest-free loans is not surprising. Their explanation is as weak as their hiding behind the fig-leaf protection of Freedom of Press.

  2. GREAT GOING SREE SIR Made this PORNO ROY naked. MAZUMDAR= MAZU in Garwali means Pig DAR means face n Bongos are pig Monkey cross barking loudmouth louts who have very high opinion of their pig faces. Waste BENGAL is a huge ESCORT service where 90% of households women job is that. No doubt media is 99%filled wd Bongo Jhangi 1947 hungry naked beggers of Suharwady Jinnah breeds, as Bongo Delhi Jhangis motto is Red Carpet 2 Mother daught bedroom 4 ANY sexbeast if he is a white. In addition monkey faced bongo lays a Red carpet 2 B’DESHI scums to wives bedrooms. One more thing naked hungry monkey face loudmouth lout Bongos r everywhere in India like fleas frm cleaning gutters 2 making B’DAISH of companies, there is a saying that U open a Brick Kiln in Kashmir Pig faced Bongs will arrive riding without ticket next day layin their women even to grab job

  3. P read in Tamil means SHIT and this PGurus will mean SHIT GURU which is apt for this one point agenda website. They have only allegations none of which are upheld by any court of law. Why cant they have patience till courts decide. I dont hold fort for NDTV or any Congi but if allegations alone mattered then their Supreme leader has tonnes of allegations against him.

    • You talk about courts . How shameless you are ???? If you are really having anything called shame why don’t you tell SC to make the contents of that cover public lying with them which says 8 out of 16 retired chief judges are definitely corrupt . Why don’t you ask for an investigation .??? I quote markandeya katju — Indian higher judiciary is a FARCE headed by corrupt rogues rascals and bootleggers which is more stronger to weaker poor and gullible whereas it is more weak to those filthy corrupt politicians and influential .
      What a shame a shameless guy defending scientific loots ??

    • WHEN YOU HAVE TO DEFECATE DO YOU ALSO WAIT FOR THE COURTS DECISIONS? Or are some things done because they are felt and known in your life? HA HA HA!

  4. Thank you very much for bringing us an unbiased, truthful and trustworthy news with evidences. India needs this journalism. We are tired and frustrated with commercialized, profit oriented business, biased and value-less journalism.

  5. With the advent of channels like ndtv, the character and quality of journalism has drastically taken a downward trend. They are elitist, can be sold like slaves to the highest bidder and have no ethics whatsoever. They think and interpret anything and everything to their masters tune. I would say they are the scum/ terrorists of media. Freedom of press will be thing of the past if this class of press freedom continues. These people should be put in their place.

  6. Well done, What a revelation, I have stopped watching this channel long time ago, i request others too boycott this fake channel. They are sleaze, rouges, sleeper cell of ISI, Leftist, stooge of 10 Janpath. Their days are few now. It is high time to freeze their accounts & seize all their properties. Kick them very hard.

  7. ////I am proud to be a friend of Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Gurumurthy. There is a lot I have learnt and am continuing to learn from their honesty, sincerity and probity in public life.////

    Hahah Joke of the year sir, we all know the honesty of SunaMana Swamy……

    • One can call Dr Swamy whimsical but his tirades are always open and he doesn’t pull back his punches, whether it be the disproportionate asset case (which the DMK latched on itself to later and its leaders shamelessly claim in public forums is their doing), the 2G case or the National Herald case, he has fought his battles alone. One can only be sympathetic to someone who doesn’t understand the gravity of the fight which Dr Swamy has picked up with corrupt forces and calls him with a derisive name.

      • If Dr Swamy has made statements you can be sure their is a fire behind the smoke! And once he get his hands on a crook he never lets go until justice is served! To say that he is whimsical is a disservice not only to him personally but to truth and justice!

  8. Sir
    Have always wondered looking at these journalists in NDTV. They have a very strong inclination to only one set of political class. Nothing wrong with it, but always trying to find fault with the other party and going behind it like hungry wolves is what is not acceptable. They have been corrupt and rotten and that is the reason many people have stopped watching NDTV irrespective of what they claim.

  9. This lame attempt at a defence by NDTV takes the cake.


    Is there any evidence for this? None.

    In fact, the CEO of General Electric recently met the Prime Minister of India and discussed investment in the country. According to pgurus, he is involved in criminal and jailable offenses. Would the PM meet with him as part of his initiative to bring foreign investment to India? Would NBC and General Electric, among the world’s largest firms, get involved with round-tripping money for NDTV or anyone else? The allegations by pgurus are absurd. What’s worse is they damage India’s reputation.”

    And here is the evidence –

    Complaint of money laundering and corruption against NDTV Ltd and General Electric Company arising out of the order dated 31.12.2013 of the Income Tax Dispute Resolution Panel –II in the case of NDTV Ltd pertaining to the assessment year 2009-2010

    • So you are saying because PM MODI is meeting with the GE CEO he cannot be a cheat and hence cannot have paid this crook money? Ha ha ha! By that logic paki PM is an honest man with no ill intent towards India, as is China’s premier? ARE YOU A BENEFICIARY OF THIS GUY’S LOOT?

  10. well done sir ,in exposing ndtv ,,how can you expect honesty and truth from ndtv, a website posting ‘wardrobe malfunction’ ??

  11. It is quite evident that NDTV has been hit hard and is trying to do the last minute act of saving, its credibility is already zero and the new revealing fact will be the last nail in its coffin.
    Great going Sree Sir.

  12. thanks sreeiyer for clarifying that Gurumurthy is not PGuru’s proprietor as mentioned in #NDTV article attacking the three of you! Surprised that they let off #Rvaidya2000 off the hook this time! As for charges,court is final arbiter and though I am inclined to believe in Gurumurthy more than any other person connected to the issue on either side, I wish to see final verdict from the courts damning the culprits. @alakshya2

  13. Isse to ye lagtaaa hai ki NDTV chor company jaisi hi hai…..ek taraf paisa lutati hai,… dusri taraf galat news se public ko ullu banati hai….

    Achha pardafash hua….public dekho abhi NDTV…


  14. I think NDTV is worried about his new charge..THUGLAK EDITOR after the demise of former ed the great CHO..because as far as THUGLAK is concerned it is read all over TN unlike NDTV.. so more TN people who were unaware or less aware of these issues would get to know about these in future;)


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