Mumbai High Court to hear Arnab Goswami’s bail petition on Friday. NCP accuses former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis of closing the case

Mumbai HC to hear Arnab Goswami's interim bail application on Friday in the abetment of the suicide case of the architect of his studio for non-payment

Mumbai HC to hear Arnab Goswami's interim bail application on Friday in the abetment of the suicide case of the architect of his studio for non-payment
Mumbai HC to hear Arnab Goswami's interim bail application on Friday in the abetment of the suicide case of the architect of his studio for non-payment

Why Arnab did not obtain anticipatory bail as and when Police re-opened the case?

As Republic TV’s Editor and owner Arnab Goswami is continuing his second day in judicial custody, Mumbai High Court will hear his interim bail application on Friday in the abetment of the suicide case of the architect of his studio for non-payment. It appears that there is a big confusion in Arnab’s legal team according to many legal experts which delayed his bail arguments, with withdrawing bail petition from the trial court on Thursday and approaching the High Court, which was hearing his petition to quash the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the Police. Ruling parties like the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have already demanded that the former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis be charged as a co-accused for dubious closure of the case in April 2019[1]. In a bid to tighten the case against Arnab, Maharashtra Police had also arrested the earlier investigating officer who closed the case, accusing him of conspiracy with Arnab.

Arnab was arrested on Wednesday from his residence at Lower Parel in Mumbai by Raigad Police after a lot of physical attacks and theatrics. The trial court in Alibagh has sent Arnab on Judicial custody of 14 days (till November 18) on November 4. Anvay Naik’s family also impleaded into Arnab’s petition to quash the FIR, seeking the need for a re-probe[2]. Soon after Arnab Goswami’s attack against Congress President Sonia Gandhi in a very blatant manner in the murder of Sadhus in Palghar, Maharashtra Government ruled by Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress have re-opened the abetment to suicide case, targeting Arnab in May 2020. Many in legal circles wonder, why Arnab did not obtain anticipatory bail as and when police reopened the case?

Senior counsel Harish Salve who is currently on honeymoon in London after his second marriage, also appearing for Goswami, argued that no prejudice will be caused to the prosecution if he was released on bail.

A division bench of Justices S S Shinde and M S Karnik on Thursday directed Goswami to make the complainant in the case, Akshata Naik, Anvay’s wife, a respondent to his plea. “We have to hear all the parties concerned before considering the interim relief sought. We have to also hear the complainant as the family of the deceased has filed a petition here seeking transfer of the probe,” the bench said.

“The respondents (the Maharashtra government and the complainant) are entitled to respond…We will consider the interim relief sought tomorrow,” the court said. Many legal experts say instead of petitioning to quash the FIR, Arnab should have concentrated on getting bail from the trial court itself.

Senior counsel Aabad Ponda, appearing for Goswami, said a bail plea filed before the Alibaug magistrate’s court has been withdrawn. “The Magistrate had not given clarity on when the bail plea would be heard and had also expressed difficultly in hearing the same as the case lies in the jurisdiction of the sessions court. Hence, we are seeking interim bail here in the high court,” Ponda said.

Senior counsel Harish Salve who is currently on honeymoon in London after his second marriage, also appearing for Goswami, argued that no prejudice will be caused to the prosecution if he was released on bail. The High Court, however, said it cannot consider the issue of bail without giving the respondents a chance to argue.

Meanwhile, the ruling Shiv Sena on Thursday slammed the BJP for describing the arrest of Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami in an abetment to suicide case as a “black day” and an “attack on the freedom of press“. An editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ said it was surprising that Central Ministers along with state BJP leaders should say there was an “Emergency-like situation” in Maharashtra due to Goswami’s arrest. The editorial in ‘Saamna’ alleged that the previous state government “covered up” Naik’s suicide case to protect Goswami.

It further claimed that a journalist was arrested in Gujarat for writing against the State Government, while in Uttar Pradesh, journalists have been killed. “Nobody felt these incidents were reminders of the Emergency. In fact, the state BJP leaders should demand justice for Anvay Naik, a son of the soil,” the editorial said.

“An innocent man died by suicide along with his aged mother. The dead man’s wife is demanding justice and the police are following the law,” it said. “Where is the question of the fourth pillar (of democracy) being attacked? Those who are saying this are attempting to trample the first pillar,” the editorial said.


[1] Arnab Goswami arrest: NCP calls for making Devendra Fadnavis co-accused in abetment to suicide caseNov 05, 2020, Scroll

[2] Arnab Goswami, 2 others sent to 14-day judicial custody in 2018 suicide abetment caseNov 04, 2020, Hindustan times

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  1. Once again India/ns are within cross-hairs of Anti-nationals.
    After 1962 :
    Almost every person who cared for India, contributed towards National Emergency. The young through their dedication, services (Emergency Commission) , and elderly men from their existence resources and women gave even their gold ear-rings away.
    India’s politicians, Babus, Bureaucrats, « Save money, live austere lifestyle because India’s Foreign Exchange reserves are very low »
    Today, the same babu, bureaucrat who grew fat on your generousity would show you the door, kick you out unless you give grease for a simple work-which is even related to his/her job.
    Under the scatched surface :
    Late 1960’s-1970’s :
    Boss of Customs Authority at Mumbai International Airport allowed pilots of airlines from foreign countries an exit without routine customs control. Thus these pilots could sneak in whatever they wanted, that inluded Biscuits. The buyers usually came with truck loads of money to buy these biscuits.

  2. We have been made to believe that SS was eliminated, buried in 1945 at Nuremberg Palace of Justice.
    We have been fooled.
    SS is well off (piles of bank notes of all shades reaching the sky) & kicking in 2020 in Mumbai, Maharashtara, India.
    The germs embedded in Mumbai soil may have been invisible, but the shoots have been there for the last 50 plus years. SS thrived on The Mumbai style ecosystem’s produce (hawala, smuggling, extortion, silencing of witnesses, elimination of evidence and contract killings)

    10-member police team interrogates Arnab Goswami after CJM grants permission to grill him for 3 hours daily: Report
    A 10 member team of Raigad police interrogated Goswami and two others, who are now lodged in the Taloja jail for three hours on Monday.
    10 November, 2020 OpIndia Staff

  3. One used to hear, « In India only politicians aka Unemployables cum loafers cum Cine-actors cum lottery player cricketers cum directors of cricket clubs have Human Rights ».
    Now it is a fact, and has been so for the last 40 years in Maharashtra. Petty politicians stay in power through mafia assisted governance. Which ministerial post, an Indian politician finds attractive ? The one which provides more opporunities to swindle money.
    Proofs ?
    The aged politician who criss-crossed numerous lucrative ministeries and under whose watch Mumbai was attacked by terrorists, bombed numerous times and in these acts local criminals were complicit, of course facilitated & encouraged to hone their skills on Mumbai’s turf.
    One read about a series of FIR filed by Politicians (3 parties coalition) which were welcomed by local Police (innocent victims of local hoodlums were dissuaded) and were transferred to Investigations Unit who spared no time to hunt Arnab Goswami.
    What has been the principal occupation of Politicians, Police in Maharashtara ?
    To defend the preceeding crime with benefits, profits of succeeding crime and in the process eliminate evidence, witnesses by all means including coercion.
    Genocidal, Criminal Bureaucracy : When decisions in retrospective look awkward, irrational, nonsense. (Reference.. Nuremberg Palace of Justice)
    Shameful IPS, you say ?
    To join IPS, all one has to do is to somehow pass (test of rote capacity) a written examination.
    Police Commissioner should be stripped of his badge immediately for lack of integrity. Lately, he has been complaining, « unable to concentrate, having nightmares ».
    He is obsessed with one person out of millions, that person appears in his nightmares. How can such a character be given authority to serve millions of citizens ?
    Valueless ?
    When mind is a bee-hive of pure mathematical objectivity, no act of terror (even unthinkble) is impossible.
    Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his Police Commissioner satisfy that criteria.
    During the last 3 months :
    They installed rubber-stamp (have no credibility, characterless, nothing to loose, quasi beggars) investigators as crime-specialists, they transferred a competent investigator who refused to follow their trajectory of investigations, now even they allowed a shady character carry Police Service-assault rifle while he was declared unfit to be in police service 10 years ago. These shady characters joined Shiv Sena in 2019 and and Police Commissioner re-employed them immediately.
    Of course, all over the world India is known for queer things (no one else in the world does it) and its administrators who are weirdos.
    During the last 3 months :
    They used their political power to steer the outcome in 3 different murder cases, which would have otherwise put the spotlight on police, politicised justice controlled by shady characters, shady networks, shady tons of money (benefits of crime, smuggling, extortion, contract killings,…), e.g. entrenched mafia which took roots about 50 years ago.

    Request to GOI :
    Why not declare Mumbai as UT-Union Territory, or bring under President’s rule until the present chaos (Administration’s callous attitude ; towards COVID-19 pandemic, absence of ‘security of life & limb’, murders of innocents on regular basis) is sorted out ?

  4. Those who refuse to learn from history, repeat history. (*)
    As terrorism took roots and spread across India, their bank accounts swelled. By a Government of India order, their entry to India was forbidden, e.g. visas not permitted. (Proofs available)
    Because in 2004, the same group of visitors was received by Congress leadership. (Proofs available)
    Who lifted that barrier ? Who all in chain of command participated ? (**)
    Where were the offerings, donations deposited ? In which bank abroad ?
    How far has the trajectory of command (Governance of India Out-sourced) been identified, modified ?
    Larger Bannana Republic ?
    If the chain of command is/has been so invisible, is /was there governance of India remote-controlled and from abroad ? (**)
    (Reference…Exposures-Book by RVS Mani and experiences of IT Commissioner SK Srivastava, the strands in exposures at times over-lap)
    (*) History & Current Processes.
    Current Processes as ‘instrument of vision’ assist us for a ring-side view of history.
    Current Processes :
    Efforts of Compromised Police (high-handedness), judiciary and political leadership of Maharashtara to silence a sane voice, that is of journalist Arnab Goswami.
    Arnab Goswami was moved by innocent Hindu Sadhus’ murder in broad day light in the presence of Police. Arnab Goswami may have ruffled the feathers of a politican (unworthy otherwise), why did Congress Party wthdrew a case in 2008 ? Of course, Congress rejoiced, while its leader was stripped bare in public & before a court ?
    Arnab Goswami was overwhelmed by deafening silence of political leadership regarding mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput, while Police Investigations authority Kow-towed politicians.
    CM of Maharashtra sent a team of policemen to arrest a youngman who sneered at a picture of CM swinging a fly-swatter all day. Mumbai policemen travelled over a 1000 km. skipped their obligations to Mumbai for many days, all for 5 Star holiday at public’s expense and under a pretense.
    Why is political leadership in connivance with bureaucrats in Police (clerk jacked up) and who turned Investigators after passing a ‘rote test’ examination after Arnab Goswami ?
    Because Arnab Goswami challenged ‘Absolute Power’ used by shady characters to maintain Status-Quo.
    Caught on camera: NCP’s Nawab Malik ‘predicts’ Arnab Goswami will commit suicide as he will be ‘trapped’ in TRP case. 21 October, 2020
    Arnab Goswami was taken to Taloja jail_where Dawood gang_hard core criminals are kept
    India-a Bannana Republic ?
    Given its promotion criteria, yeah !
    An ordinary IPS civil servant rose to become Police Commissioner, even when often accused of torture in the past, and visibly a questionable character in recent times.
    It has been difficult (at times practically impossible) for the average individual to assert his/her right as the situation is distorted from the outset by these leeches. Politician (Unemployable, does not like to work, does not like his/her work) uses the legal framework to its advantage, entrench him/herself deeper through abuses and thus despotic power unfortunately become institutionalized.
    (**)All of them above the law ?
    With all that Bollywoodian spot-lit ‘pomp & show’, India’s interests (policy decisions) have seen stunted growth or been stagnant for decades.
    Brazen, audacious ? Yeah !
    Because a large percentage of Babus, bureaucrats employed by India and majority politicians (who have no proven professional capabilities) have been busy ‘Milking Indian cash cow’ and anchoring their future abroad-transfer of movable valuables acquired through deception, non-transparent means.

  5. Too many BJP haters, Modi haters, RSS haters are writing lot of Bull shit. RSS came from Maharashtra and the city of Nagpur. RSS is the largest voluntary force in the world. why did Uddav Thackeray join hands with Congress party which he was thrashing for many decades? why no one is caught for lynching of Sadhus in Palghar? what happened to late Balasaheb Legacy? Uddav joined Congress in asking PM ModiG not to do Puja at Ayodhya ! How many BJP leaders are facing corruption charges in courts? Arnab is exposing to nexus of many anti Hindu anti national forces in Mumbai. So he had become a villain. He may be tortured in jail and even drugged and made to speak! any thing is possible. Too bad, Mumbai economy is because center has invested billions in Mumbai for decades. Ahmedabad Chennai Hydearabad and Bengaluru are contributing in a big way to center. let us pray good days will cone to Maharashtra Covid management has been a disaster.

  6. If the reports that Arnab was beaten up in custody and that doctors have refused to report injuries caused in the custody are true, then this is absolutely emergency. How can a state govt. act in such a way without any regards for the higher courts or center.

  7. Vindicitiveness is nothing new for the Government of Maharashtra. It is its innate culture. It is in its DNA.

    In my case, despite two favourable Judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 30.8.1988 and 29.1.2014, I am being harassed and victimised by the Government of Maharashtra for the last about 36 years.

    A cycle of litigation started by GOM alleging that I am suffering from “inferiority complex”.

    The Hon’ble SC said in 1988 that what is harmful for public is superiority complex and not inferiority complex. SC allowed my civil Appeal No. 3464 of 1988 with costs and consequential benefits. (Please see AIR 1988 SC 2060, Vijay Kumar v State of Maharashtra and others)

    GOM made it a false prestige issue.

    During the pendency of the said litigation, I was suspended and chargesheeted.

    The chargesheet was ultimately terminated by Delhi High court on 28.3.2012. GOM went to SC. SC dismissed GOM’s Civil Appeal on 29.1.2014. Review Petition of GOM was dismissed on 18.8.2015.

    Despite all these favourable orders, sealed covers dated 1.7.1991 and 1.7.1995 have not been opened by GOM and I have been illegally deprived of my promotions by GOM.

    Also, false, misleading, deceptive, dishonest and fraudulent reply-affidavit dated 18.7.2019 has been filed in DHC.

    No response to my legal notices to GOM and its scoundrel-grade officers.

    In short, it is a government of the scoundrels, by the scoundrels and for the scoundrels.

    Vijay Kumar agarwal, Ex-IAS (1982 batch. Maharashtra cadre). Mobile: 9560172716.

  8. In politics it is said “a man is known by the company he keeps”!
    Who gave life to continue as Maha CM by putting a word to Governor to make Uddhav as MLC? Big bro PM Modi because Uddhav treats him as his “elder Bro” since ages!!
    Master striker cum surgical striker PM Modi respect crooked chanakya Pawar? Why? Both are believed to be bosom friends…. The media reports as “close special relationship Pawar and Modi keep since ages!!!
    BJP leaders are not interested in UPA-1 & 2 ten years massive scams and NPAs anymore because they intend to form the govt or keep on sustaining caste based or D-gang parties ruling and bleeding states to achieve long term goals and by that time BJP voter become a mice!! Republic TV case is a self-inflected wound knowing fully well that the present incumbent is not interested in probing scams/ cartels/ antinational………………………and refuses to touch at least 50 strong politicians and media if not more in numbers!! Who is strong in-spite of losing power twice?
    See the fate of Maharashtra Economy the financial capital of India the Mumbai contributing 45% of the tax collections in the country! Drug-hawala-Bollywood-supari –wealth-wine- woman cartels” supported and sustained by whom? Scenario gone for a toss soon after two biggies met in a private hotel and Dr.S.Swamy lowered his guard (unnecessarily burning his fingers a la Nationwide NEET/JEE postponing exams by a month)!!!
    It is better not to trust these RSS trained BJPmen ruling us and not doing anything positive! Hard-core popular BJP grassroots workers are being eliminated in most of the non BJP ruled states for whose benefit? Can anyone answer? What is the role of Union Home Minister having Cabinet/ State/ Deputy ranks?
    Now that Biden-Harris regime is likely to arrive after 20th Jan 2021 and the country is likely come under a stress with a time wasting experience less Govt we have been watching with fingers crossed.
    It’s unfortunate that Adharma/falsehood and opaqueness is glaring under BJP lead NDA since June 2014.Present incumbent Govt is interested in building auras around few leaders!!

    • @promod

      “It is better not to trust these RSS trained BJPmen ruling us and not doing anything positive!”

      Seriously? You expect BJP to undo the last 1200 years in a few months? It will take a whole generation of us all being vigilant and fighting for our rights to fix this.

      Each one of us. Not only BJP.

      • @Manoj Ji

        It is not the question of 1200 years just look at PMO and MoF not cleaned up for 7 years now.

        As individuals we are doing much better than the BJP and Pgurus is doing much better than the BJP on many issues.

        Can you please tell us what did BJP do for during the past nearly 7 years for lower and middle class vote banks? Not a single word changed in school books/College text books! What is happening in Arnab’s Case a lone Journo fighting for a nationalist cause? See his fate!! Terrorists lawyers here gets a bail for his terrorist/film star clients in one hour!

        Do you know our friend Rajiv Malhotra ji tried to do something worthwhile for nearly five years but did not succeed because our HRD Minister and his equally a dumbo Secretary looked the other way and less said the better about our PM and the PMO!!

        My clarification to your comment is that we have a section in RSS believing in Gandhian socialism as practiced by our PM Modi et al for nearly seven years now and as a former CM of Gujarat and thereafter his state got Rs.18000 crores Communist Chinese investment while a section in RSS trusts Sanatana Dharma Dr.S.Swamy, Govindacharya and Nitin Gadkari are the best example.

        Manoj Ji please watch Prof RV jis suggestion cum opinion to have another Hindutva party in the latest Sree Iyer’s yesterdays hangout!!

  9. The main culprit in all these Drama is Sharad Pawar who is dancing to the tunes of Dawood Ibrahim.
    Aranb’s exposure of the Drug Cartel has (temporarily) devastated the Drug Cartel in India causing billions in losses to Dawood Ibrahim.
    Sharad Pawar is the D-Gang Chief in its Indian Operations & a 1000 crore budget has been allotted to finish off Arnab.
    The blame lies squarely on the Modi Govt who not only made the Vohra committee report publc but also bestowed Padma Award on this D-Gang Gangster.

  10. How are non payment of work bills can lead to suicide? If this logic is applied, farmers blame bank lenders as cause of suicide, hence bank managers are tobe arrested .

    Usually in financial crisis, both husband and wife are traumatised. In this case as per few social media reports, the wife of victim was in living relationship , hence family issues may have caused mother and son death. Huge conspiracy.

    One thing is certain in india. Any one can be put in jail by a politician in power and to prove his innocense, it will cost the person terribly and infinite time. Though BJP is in power at centre, they will never come to the rescue of a nationalist and all they offer is virtual support through twitter.

    I appreciate Shri Iyer raising corruption issues spending lot of time, with no action by BJP govnt.This is reality. Learn a lesson from Republic case, and understand how india functions.Enjoy california plums and almonds instead of trying to awaken your motherland.

  11. The reopening of a two year old case without consent of a court and arresting a journalist like a terrorist without serving him summons is akin to state terrorism which the thug Govt is trying to justify. The cases against Republic and Arnab Goswami are not separate as he had been threatened by a Minister that he would be forced to commit suicide if does not compromise.

  12. Without prejudice to the affected families, if closure of case by Fadnavis can be suspected, so can be the current reopening of the case, after Arnab’s attack on Sonia Gandhi and ever since on other cases. Certainly, Arnab is not acting like a sane journalist (his recent attack on Dr. Swamy on the letter written to SL and Dr. Swamy’s loss of his cool on camera) is an example. Nevertheless, vendetta is vendetta – whether it happens in Maharastra or Gujarat.

    • What is the definition of sane journalism ? It is the viewers who decide who is sane or insane. Are P James Roy, R Sardesai,Ravish kumar etc sane journalists? Modi was hounded through fake journalism from 2002 for 10 years and R SarDesai meekly apologised for defaming an IPS officer. Is Gupta with musical tongue accused VK Singh for a Coup in IE, a sane journalist ?Just because Arnab criticised Swamy, does he become insane ? Who is to judge what is vendetta or not ? It is the human self who can identify what is vendetta with experience in life. At least this insane journalist fights for his country, by shouting and howling, which is the characteristic of Indian society. Isn’t he better than Ram, with a sweet tongue heaps insults on Modi with articles criticising his mother land.


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