My book NDTV Frauds is now available in hardcopy

The book NDTV Frauds is now available in Hard copy at online and bookstores.

The print version of NDTV Frauds is now available for purchase
The print version of NDTV Frauds is now available for purchase

After the huge success of my eBook NDTV Frauds, with immense pleasure I announce the hard copy of the Book. From today onwards NDTV Frauds will be available at several leading book shops in India as well as in Amazon. Flipkart and Snapdeal will follow soon.

Thousands of people were asking for NDTV Frauds in hardcopy format and Rare Books agreed to publish it. The 160 page book is priced at Rs.300 with supporting documentation on the violations and frauds committed by NDTV. This pioneer private TV channel while preaching ethics to all, was engaged in tax evasion, Stock manipulation and Money laundering, for which they are being investigated.

This book is a narrative of how two Promoters of NDTV along with key top management colluded over the years with government functionaries and politicians to break laws, evade taxes and deceive shareholders of a public listed company. All this obviously through political patronage and “wheeling-and-dealing” as part of the Lutyens club while creating a biased public discourse.

In the minds of the Indian citizen, there is a space and respect for media. Using the halo of journalism and under the garb of Freedom of Press, media owners misuse their position and in the end, degrade the values of journalism. On several occasions media became the tool of false propaganda, blackmailing and illegal money making with the blessing of uncouth politicians and corporate icons with hidden agendas. This ought to be exposed and that is the reason for this book.

NDTV Frauds will be launched soon along with seminars on media practices in major cities like London, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru etc. Celebrities such as Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Auditor, Economist and Editor Sri S Gurumurthy, Auditor, Author and TV Personality Sri M R Venkatesh, Author and Activist Ms. Madhu Kishwar and others are expected to grace the events. Watch for the announcements at

Apart from major book shops, the book can be purchased online through Amazon (Link: NDTV Frauds) and Rare Books (Link: NDTV Frauds).

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An inventor and out-of-the-box thinker, Sree Iyer has 37 patents in the areas of Hardware, Software, Encryption and Systems.

His first book NDTV Frauds has been published and is an Amazon Bestseller.It ranked second among all eBooks that were self-published in 2017.

His second book, The Gist of GSTN which too is available on Amazon as an e-Book and as a paperback.

His third book, The Rise and Fall of AAP is also available in print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.

His fourth book, C-Company just released to rave reviews and can be bought as a print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.
Sree Iyer
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  1. Sir, a move to close NDTV should be made by distinguished citizens and all documents must be seized from them forth with.They should not be allowed to broad cast at all with these fraudulent activities. How to bell the cat ?

  2. great Job Mr Iyer, these people have to be dealt with iron first so that they never recover. Judiciary should take initiative.

  3. Ever since the people came to an opinion that this NDTV is the spoon of INC. Good thing that Mr. SriIyer done. Every culprit should be punished.

  4. What a miserable media company.. NDTV has stooped to such a low level in the garb of journalism! Shame on them and we indians urge the courts of law to take stringent action against them.


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