The landslide victory will allow Modi to cut Lutyens’ Delhi to size

Lutyens’ Delhi is the biggest loser after the latest round of State Polls.

Modi gets mandate to act on Triple Talaq, UCC, Ram Mandir
Modi gets mandate to act on Triple Talaq, UCC, Ram Mandir

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he landslide victory in the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand has made Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s position in the Indian politics much stronger. Add to that the collapse of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) dreams in Punjab and he can derive satisfaction of having had a good day at the office. Frankly no one expected 312 seats for BJP alone out of the 403 seats in UP and 57 out of 70 seats of Uttarakhand. Same is the case of the impressive performance by Congress under Captain Amarinder Singh bagging 77 of 117 seats in Punjab.

It appears as though a majority of Muslim women voted for BJP for its promise to stop the barbaric Triple Talaq system practised in the religion.

Manipur BJP maybe able to form a government with the help of allies and Goa slipped from BJP due to the recent rebellion and exit of some Right Wingers. The Paid News syndrome of certain sections of media tried its best to show that Uttar Pradesh will give Akhilesh another term. Though such narratives changed after the second round of polls, every media house blindly ignored the Congress party led by Amarinder and did fake coverage of Kejriwal’s AAP victory in Punjab. Was this due to the heavy advertisements pumped to media houses by Delhi Government including allegedly personal bribes to some media stars? At this rate, media will end up writing its own epitaph.

Expecting victory in Punjab, Kejriwal had decorated his official house in Delhi and all such decorations were removed by 10AM, after seeing the results. Every media person was unkind to Captain Amarinder Singh who was the former Chief Minister of the State. Indian media owes an answer for ignoring Amarinder Singh in their election coverage. It is a known thing that AAP was having wild plans if they get power in Punjab to misuse the state police and register cases in Punjab against Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. Kejriwal’s lust for getting power to control a Police force has taken a body blow and it is time he faced up to some of his own misadventures.

Mayawati has cursed Electronic Voting Machines and wondered how BJP won Muslim dominated areas. It is not difficult to see that BJP’s open challenge on Triple Talaq has yielded good dividends. It appears as though a majority of Muslim women voted for BJP for its promise to stop the barbaric Triple Talaq system practised in the religion.

This massive victory must liberate Modi from the clutches of Lutyens’ Delhi, which has been advising or putting hurdles on him for the past 30 months. He must take a call on construction of Ram Mandir and make it a reality before the next Lok Sabha election. This is the least he can do for a nation which remembers the Yug-Purush of the Treta Yuga (Lord Rama) for having ruled in a fair and just manner. He must act against the corrupt including in the National Herald case involving Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and Aircel-Maxis scam involving the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Robert Vadra’s land scams. Modi should show his mettle and avoid the Lutyens’ deal makers. This massive verdict is a golden opportunity for him to act. Will he?

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  1. I felt very sad when Sri Parrikar went back to GOA. He was a superb Defense minister.I also hope that good people are made CMs of UP, Uttranchal and Manipur. Above all Sakuni must not interfere with ED and cbi against Gandhis, Vadras, Chiddus and all corrupt persons, Damn the lutyens.

  2. Every politician in every country gets his/her share of adulation, adoration , and yet, yet is subject to be responsible to look behind his back to notice the other perspectives. The man, Modi is the need of the hour. Wish him best of luck. Hope his team is in sync with him. jai Hind !

  3. People through their voting power have shown Lutyens’ Delhi their place, they have been overdoing their dirty tricks act so much that people won’t believe them even if they turn out to be correct in the future, just like Kejriwal they have lost people’s trust and they deserve it for taking people for a ride .

  4. We want him to act against the corrupt.. The sooner the better.. Fix finance ministry…. Too many taxes on working professionals and no reforms!! We expected lot of reforms on finance sector.. but none

  5. problem with Indian media is that they go overboard going ga ga over looking common sense.They do this because they think reading public are a bunch of idiots.Today modi is the flavour of the masses just as jayalalitha was in TN,NTR in AP,Indira in 1971.This happens because the people see a bunch of duds and crooks on the other side of table hoping desperately their current messaiah is the one who will deliver.After 5 or in some cases 10 years of this so called “Messaiah” rule,they get the real picture.They get so disgusted they boot out the messaiah.IMHO modi falls in the 10 year category of the “Messaiah”.This feller has wrapped around him one of the most devious lutyen as his side kick.This act alone proves that he is the same wrapper probably version 2.0 of MMS.His is hunger for power.Of course he will throw a morsel or two of good deeds to fool the public but is no game changer.All the things pGurus desperately praying modi will do will end in …yes.. “Dreams”..pray on and gloat over this win.If you have balance, also think why BJP got booted over in Goa and Punjab

      • Nada.. realistic, not taken in by current “fashion”.Mind you, I have no love for the crooks especially in congress,regional parties or to the ideologically inclined in left.BJP should be better than what it is today if this country has to have a chance.In its current form,it reflects the hindutva fooling congressi masquerading as people bringing in change.Modi’s policies are more leftist than even lefts,his is a status quo as far as style of administration or policies concerned.he has surrounded himself with low caliber people who will have to take his guidance/subserviance.He jumped on demonitisation because he knew it is a winner with poor people as their gullibilty to schadenfrede.Modi’s act is like michael jackson’s moon dance where he gives you an illusion of moving forward but actually stays in same place.Be always wary of people who mesmerize poor with words.

          • Because you don’t read, don’t accuse others.
            1.All the corrupt / those who helped corrupt (congi politicians) bureaucrats are still holding important portfolios especially in ministry of finance(inc. SEBI),I&b,Petroleum,Telecommunications,Railways,Civil aviation(IAI,DGCA especially) Why? You think India is poor they cannot find knowledgeable honest bureaucrats?
            2.all the crooked schemes of congress is continuing -MNERGA,RTE.Useless Planning commission has been replaced by another set of idiots manning planning commission in the name of Niti Aayog.Why this deception?
            3.No new ideas to rejunuvate our health and education approach.Both these ministries are in the hands of very poor caliber people.Why don’t you check their contributions?
            4.Lot of talk on improving economy but the economy is stuck on more and more taxes,restrictions.GST is another useless exercise where DrSwamy exposed skulduggery of private company holding majority stake which was hidden from public knowledge till he exposed.Why this deviousness?
            5.No noticeable improvement in addressing Police issues /law and order.None of the reports on police reforms have been taken on board.Why continue with useless congress approach?
            6.Big drawback with judiciary with massive vacancies.Why stand on ego ?
            7.Ananthkumar promised to remove the dangerous intrusive Aadhar card,got elected on this Planck.Now govt. is pushing more and more this devious identity which is already being misused.Why cheat public?
            I can go on but suffice to say Modi will get exposed as voters are no fools.

      • It appears you don’t read or are not knowledgeable enough. Law and order + education are in individual state’s domain and responsibility. Centre can’t force its ideas and policies on them.

        As far as Aadhaar cards go I am all for it. I have witnessed all kinds of frauds in my 70 years. Multiple passports, bogus ration cards, multiple bank accounts earning just under the TDS amount, benami land and property ownership, just to name a few. All these will be eliminated in due course.

        I have witnessed riots first hand when there was a bilingual Bombay state. The local police in Mumbai simply did not want to control the riots. It went on for more tan a month. Finally after just a single warning Rajasthan Police Force was brought in who camped at Nariman point. In less than 2 days riots ended. BTW there was just a single row of bungalows for ministers. Everything else was barren with one Kiosk, if you can call it that, projecting news reels on a may be 4′ x 4’screen.

        So get your facts straight,


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