My New Letter Series – Dear Nupur, You Were Wrong In What You Said..

Nupur, you have put yourself, and your family, at grave risk for a party that backed away from standing with you

Nupur, you have put yourself, and your family, at grave risk for a party that backed away from standing with you
Nupur, you have put yourself, and your family, at grave risk for a party that backed away from standing with you

Dear Nupur,

Going back about 75 years ago, we had a bald frail old man, a masochist some would call him, who went to a temple and, it’s reported, began to read the Quran. When questioned, by a woman, on whether he could read the Bhagavat Gita inside a mosque, he didn’t have an answer but, it’s said, the old man replied, “Hindus should be prepared to die but not retaliate against the people that attempt to kill them or their women and children”! That has basically set the tone for India, which we see today

You see Nupur, Hindus are EXPECTED to be secular; there’s no such expectation from those questioning India’s secular credentials. Just recently, the “famous” brother of the MP from Hyderabad made some derogatory references to Hindu gods and goddesses, rounding his statement with “इनमनहूस नामों को मैं इस महफ़िल में नहीं लूँगा” (I will not take these disgusting names in this gathering). He said this after referring to one of Mother Lakshmi’s names, Bhagyalakshmi. This, Nupur, is exercising the Freedom of Speech. But, pluralism का ठेका केवल हिंदू ने लिया है (Hindus are the only ones expected to be pluralistic). There are, per the 2011 census, 64% of Hindus live in Hyderabad. Whether they are self-respecting and proud Hindus is debatable given they vote this guy’s brother, repeatedly, to the parliament.

In 2010, that very secular painter, Maqbool Fida Hussain, AKA M F Hussain had to renounce his very valuable Indian citizenship and accept Qatar’s citizenship. Yep, the very same Qatar that objected to what you said!! But, getting back to M F Hussain, what was his fault? The bad Hindus wouldn’t let him paint!! So what if he painted the various Hindu goddesses naked?? Whatever happened to freedom of expression??? Freedom of speech and freedom of expression DO NOT apply to Hindus, Nupur, so please don’t use that as your excuse, for what you said! Pluralism का ठेका केवल हिंदू ने लिया है (Hindus are the only ones expected to be pluralistic).

Hindus do not have the luxury of exercising their freedom of speech nor their freedom of expression. You see, the politicians (both opposition and ruling) have their own agenda. That agenda might not accommodate you, nor your thoughts. Like, for instance, how every ruling party politician distanced himself/ herself from you while the opposition went to town making you look like the next coming of Old Adolf!! Yep, they conveniently forgot their own shady past when they talked about how Hindus didn’t have as much right on Indian resources as one other set of people did! That discrimination was quickly forgotten.

I don’t really understand how what you said, was wrong! But then again, I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, so please explain to me how what you said is wrong but what is being said about Hindu gods and goddesses is freedom of speech. This is the exact same thing that Zakir Naik had said. The people kept quiet at the time, silently applauding him but when you said this, it turned out to be blasphemy!!!

Someone also please explain to me why the ruling party shouldn’t be growing a spine. Those that know me also know I’m a fan of the ruling party but I’m not a sycophant! I will call a spade a spade and this incident involving you, Nupur, really needs to be called out! You don’t find too many people who speak their minds, especially in politics. You, my friend, are a rare commodity because you do what others from the political arena don’t do.

More often than not, you find politicians kowtowing to specific groups that comprise their constituents. Not Hindus but OTHERS!!

Not ALL OTHERS BUT ONE SPECIFIC COMMUNITY. The funny thing is, the expectation that Hindus will pay their taxes but are NOT expected to have any rights. When someone makes fun of our beliefs, we are EXPECTED to grin and bear it; like that old bald masochistic man, I referred to at the beginning of this article, wanted, we have become such an impotent community that we don’t have any problem rolling over and playing dead when asked! With this being the situation that the Hindus are in, I have to say this: Nupur, you were wrong in saying what you did; only because the party that you proudly represented let you hang out to dry!! You have put yourself, and your family, at grave risk for a party that backed away from standing with you. This was a party that I and many others supported. That’s the reason I say, you were wrong in what you said, although everyone (including the impotent party leadership) had the same thoughts.

Will we continue to support them? I can speak ONLY for myself. I will have to think very long and hard about that. Does this mean I would switch allegiances like the floor-crossing politicians? No, I’m not a politician but will be more circumspect about J P Nadda and others running the party.

At the end of the day, the ruling party has proved itself to be every inch an appeasement-oriented party and nothing else. Supporters like yours truly wish the party president would grow a spine!!

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Kumar Sridhar is a full time IT professional who is also a blogger,columnist and an avid sports fan! He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.
Kumar Sridhar


  1. I would say, Nupur Sharma is correct. I will say same again and again for muhammad. You do not know all other actions of Muhammad . It is narrated in Hadith. If Muslims do not want to offended than they should not have translated Quran and Hadith in English or Hindi.
    I will say Islam is shit, violent fron the very beginning. Hindus did not kill son in-law is this so called prophet. Muhammad was not a nice guy with good character. Alla- hukkah- bar should be correct instead.

  2. I wish BJP stalwarts to lose in next elections for having thrown / pushed Nupur Sharma to the sharks / wolves My sympathies are with her. My disrespect to Modi grows now.

  3. I enjoy reading your articles , and in this article you raised finger at BJP mildly. In 2014, a jain commented, you will be disappointed in future with their victory. yes, the reaction of party to incidents in last 2 years were disappointing. Actually, what we see now is the nature of their politicians and it is time hindus accept this reality. Perhaps Shri Iyer realised this in 2016.

  4. Honestly it’s about time we have a hard core real sanatani party with ideals of sanatan as their core beliefs that will fulfill santani goals and teach these bjp b@st@rds a lesson because mark my words bjp is the next congress. They wll try tooth and nail not to let any hard core party on the right come up. Also then sanatanis will have an option an can abandon these bjp b@tches forever. The party can also absorb leaders like yogiji and hemanta ji, nupur sharma so that they have a freehand. Bjp did with Nupur exactly what they did in bengal. I wish and hope Nupur starts her own party. We need a solid alternative. Nupur if you are reading more power to you. You will win. There are so many brave people like you who are ready to join you. I pray and wish you all the happiness and health and prosperity in the world.


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