NDTV does a hit job against Yogi Adityanath when Uttar Pradesh conducts Investor Summit

NDTV is now back to the familiar theme of running down a BJP Chief Minister.

NDTV is now back to the familiar theme of running down a BJP Chief Minister.
NDTV is now back to the familiar theme of running down a BJP Chief Minister.

This is vintage New Delhi Television (NDTV). Pick a target and go relentlessly. Ignore inconvenient facts. Impact is the objective. The latest is a series of dubious stories against the police encounters in the Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh, on a day when the state is hosting an Investors Summit. The architect of this series of news that does not map to reality is Sreenivasan Jain.

Why this hit job now by NDTV?  Because they want to queer the pitch for the prospective investors who may be looking to invest in the state. Thanks to Social Media, these shenanigans won’t work.

Readers may remember Jain from his scurrilous stories that emerged from Gujarat when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister there. The fact that NDTV has chosen Yogi as its next target, highlighting “abuses” committed during the UP Government’s police encounters on the criminals foretells a story of its own.

Does this anointment of Yogi mean that NDTV thinks that it sees a future PM in him? Readers may remember the hyperboles dished out during the Ishrat Jehan encounter. The same Sreenivasan Jain made famous the phrase “Kala Dhadi (beard) & Safed Dhadi (beard)” in a pointed (pun intended) reference to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

Mr. Jain, don’t you have any shame? What happened to your stories that ran in collaboration with Prannoy Roy and Tehelka’s rape-accused Tarun Tejpal? You have also been caught by Baba Ramdev for fake stories. Just in case you don’t know, here is the background on the law and order situation that existed during Samajwadi Party’s rule…

Uttar Pradesh was a den of criminals with strict instructions to not touch people of a certain community and a certain religion, no matter what the extent of the crime was. Now Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is on a herculean task to bring normalcy in the law and order of the state. Yogi Adityanath’s actions have given a strong message to criminals and most of them are tucking their tails between their legs and are either surrendering or pleading guilty.

Why this hit job now by NDTV?  Because they want to queer the pitch for the prospective investors who may be looking to invest in the state. Thanks to Social Media, these shenanigans won’t work.  Why is NDTV doing such deplorable hit job in the garb of journalism and human rights?  Is it because they are not be getting any sizeable advertisement revenue from the Uttar Pradesh Government?

NDTV is a sin in the garb of media. Recently the Delhi High Court rejected NDTV’s petition to stay the Income Tax notice of around Rs.430 crores[1]. With this notice, the corrupt channel dues to Income Tax have gone up to Rs.860 crores and the money laundering owner of this channel Prannoy Roy and his wife were also slapped a fine by Income Tax for Rs.30 crores each.

It is high time the CBI, ED, and SEBI act against the rampant illegalities like money laundering, cheating of banks, stock exchange rigging conducted by the promoters including Prannoy Roy.


[1] HC: Redirects NDTV to CIT(A) on Rs.436 penalty challenge; Accepts Revenue’s alternate remedy pleaFeb 21, 2018, Taxsutra.com

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  1. It is paradoxical that oflate looters,fraudsters and scamsters are calling the shots, sometimes so brazenly even against the Govt. that is supposed to bring them to book. Is the govt at the centre so spineless and inefficient not to rein in criminals ?

  2. NDTV is the mouth piece of Congis and Rahul Goundhai. Hence it is not a wonder that they are targetting Mr.Yogi Adithyanath. Congis are the nasty people who are specialists in swindling wealth, looting and stashing money abroad. They are happy to be the doormats for Rahul Goundhai ((Raul Vinci).

  3. The heading of the article to be changed. It should have words like – Mercenary / Hitman / Sharp Shooter…
    NDTV hires Sharp Shooters for UP-Yogi
    NDTV hires Hitman for UP-Yogi
    NDTV targets UP-Yogi with mercenary journalists
    NDTV targets UP-Yogi with supari squad from Pakistan
    NDTV targets UP-Yogi with supari squad trained in Pakistan

  4. The good thing is most investors who are willing to invest their hard earned money, would prefer as much crime-free atmosphere as possible. So by wishing to hurt Yogiji, NDTV inadvertently helped him.

  5. Is the medical Doctor treating a cancer patient using Chemotherapy is “killing the patient” or “saving the patient” ? = This objective assessment was missing in the telecasted NDTV program last week. It has its regular share of paid “experts” who support that India “lived” for Khangress while BJP “eliminated” India !!!

    The good note is that BJP leaders still think NDTV is a good channel & give exclusive interviews with a big heart !!! They are supporting corruption & bribery for they are large hearted. God in form of Chengis Khan is waiting to descend on BJP & finish it = waiting for that day !! for giving false hopes of Rama rajya, & continued practices of Ravan rajya

  6. A mere look at Jain with his wry smile says what he is upto. No one takes him seriously or even bothers to hear him out. Except maybe some of his chosen panelists.

  7. This Srinivasan Jain is so prejudiced and opinionated that he is a shame to the profession of journalism, He makes a conclusion and selectively collects what he wilfully describes as evidence to support his conclusion. His investigative haragues are no better or creditable than the infamous paid news.

  8. NDTV is a fraud channel,making illegally huge money during corrupt congress regime;I never want to watch this fraud channel

  9. Love begets love hatred begtets hatred. You hate them write stores about them and they also do the same.
    Scratching each others back I suppose. So you should not be complaining.

    • Which hate story?? Let me remind you there is a difference between factual and non factual thing. It’s a fact that they are tax chors, it’s not about hating.


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