Will this light from Paramakkudi remove darkness created by Dravidian parties?

Kamal Haasan says that he is a Periyarist, Dravidian and rationalist

Will Paramakkudi remove darkness created by Dravidians?
Will Paramakkudi remove darkness created by Dravidians?

The darkness created by the Dravidian politics, will it be removed by this new light from Paramakkudi?

The media blitzkrieg seen preceding the launching of the political outfit by Kamal Haasan had all the ingredients of the pre-release hypes connected with his movies. But the question being asked by independent-minded political commentators and analysts (a tribe which is fast becoming extinct in Tamil Nadu)  is whether the superstar would be able to sustain this enthusiasm in the coming months.

Kamal Haasan met leadersof the fishing community at Rameswaram and assured them that he would solve all their issues with the Sri Lankan government

A seasoned political analyst based in Chennai who is quite blunt enough in his analysis and known for the accuracy of his observations told Team PGurus on Wednesday that Kamal Haasan’s political innings would be a disaster. “Tell me what is his constituency. People in Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram see film stars from close quarters rarely. So do not get carried away with the number of people who had gathered to see the actor. I am sure more people would have come had it been Ajit, Vijay, or Surya. The people who assembled were the members of his fan clubs,” said the analyst.

He also pointed out that Kamal Haasan’s fans were predominantly from the Hindu religion. “He has shut down that constituency with his anti-Hindutwa words. Kamal Haasan says that he is a Periyarist, Dravidian, and rationalist. All people affiliated to the above-mentioned ideologies are attached to the DMK, DK and other such parties. So there is no question of them casting their lots with the actor,” he said. The analyst said that at the best the so-called Ulaga Nayagan could position himself as a mascot of the CPI-M, a party shrinking day by day all over India.

Kamal Haasan met leaders of the fishing community at Rameswaram and assured them that he would solve all their issues with the Sri Lankan government. “His contention is that the DMK and the AADMK had failed to address the fishermen’s issues “haunting” Tamil Nadu for the last four decades. How he is going to resolve this complex diplomatic problem is to be watched. All these decades I have not seen the actor coming with a solution or suggestion, nay, even observation about this problem,” said Jayapalayan, president, South Indian Fishermen’s Welfare Association.

There are reports in a section of the media that Kamal Haasan is being funded by various evangelist organisations and countries like China and Pakistan.

Tamilissai Sounderarajan, the BJP state president said Kamal Haasan and his political outfit may make headlines in Tamil Nadu though both would not make any headway. “The TV news channels and newspapers would get some news. After a couple of days, people will forget Haasan and his party,” said Sounderarajan who is struggling hard to build the BJP in Tamil Nadu.

There are reports in a section of the media that Kamal Haasan is being funded by various evangelist organisations and countries like China and Pakistan. “I was watching him on TV. I saw him telling the anchorperson that till date he has not taken any black money from anyone. But this is a blatant lie,” said a commentator.

His fans have decided to address him as Nammavar (a moniker that means our man) akin to  Makkal Thilakam (MGR), Puraitchi Thalaivi (Jayalalithaa), Dr Kalaignar (Karunanidhi), Thalapathi(M K Stalin).

Nammavar on his way from Rameswaram to Madurai addressed many public meetings and told them that he would live up to the new moniker. “I am no more a  star. I will be the light of your homes,” said Kamal Haasan on  Wednesday. Let’s see whether the darkness created by the Dravidian politics and ideology would be removed by this new light from Paramakkudi (the birthplace of Kamal Haasan).

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  1. Those who have seen manirathnam’s plagiarization of Godfather ‘nayakan’ might recall one unknown actress who played the role of his daughter.

    After that she starred in only one movie. She belongs to Kerala. Recently she told in an interview :-

    ” kamalhassan attempted to misbehave by pawing me when there was no shooting being done…I did not oblige & pushed his hand away…when the shooting started there was a scene where I get slapped by him…he hit me so hard due to vengeance I started bleeding from my ear…manirathnam & the others could not care less….”.

    Arvind Kejriwal his ally also raped a girl while studying in IIT it was reported in some newspaper.

    BEWARE . If the Election Commission fails to disqualify such thugs it is left to the people to jettison & disregard such scum.

  2. Mumbai Fim Industry deservedly booted him out.

    Soon this pretentious actor made outrageous claims of Hollywood’s Quentin Tarantinos , Ang Lees ,
    Steven Spielbergs , Vanessa Redgraves being in awe of him ready to offer him asylum when Smt.Jayalalithaa took the right step of cracking the whip over his movie ‘v’.

    He even said Karnataka was willing to take him in as he & his fans threatened exactly like some kollywood flop movie of chucking their ration cards & quitting Tamil Nadu for good.

    After failing to take off on all fronts has decided to join politics.

  3. Getting doctorates in Tamil Nadu is no big deal. Anyone can get a kalaimamani and / or honorary doctorate in Tamil Nadu.

    This actor’s credentials are very dubious & unsavoury to say the least. His mentor is evr of justice party
    that is known as dk. It is this party that furthered the agenda of british & their evangelical mafia which instigated secession from India.

    This actor himself floated some chit fund scheme in benami name swindling many people.
    Pakistan & China are not that dumb to pay even cursory attention to this useless fellow.

    Evangelical mafia could be behind him as their entire family hassan brothers etc are crypto christians.
    Many in kollywood industry are crypto christians.

    As an actor he is very very mediocre. Has always attempted to imitate Hollywood’s Al Pacino.
    Another script writer called crazy mohan is part of his murtual admiration society. Carnatic singer
    tm.krishna the deceased male writer called Sujatha -these constitute his close friends.


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