NDTV looting – Swamy writes to PM for stern action. Accuses Finance Ministry officials of blocking ED

The latest revelations from Income Tax Office on NDTV warrants an investigation by the ED, writes Swamy to the PM

The latest revelations from Income Tax Office on NDTV warrants an investigation by the ED, writes Swamy to the PM
The latest revelations from Income Tax Office on NDTV warrants an investigation by the ED, writes Swamy to the PM

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy alleged that certain Finance Ministry officials are preventing Enforcement Directorate (ED) from  registering money laundering charges under PMLA against the TV channel. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP leader cited the recent articles of PGurus on NDTV’s main promoters Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy cheating the investors and siphoning money into their personal accounts.

“I am writing this letter in view of the obstacles that have been placed by the Finance Ministry officials on Enforcement Directorate to proceed in the matter of money laundering and fraud in NDTV. With this letter I enclosing two news items as Annexure based on the investigation done by PGurus.com on December 14 and December 16, 2016,” said Swamy.

PGurus published three articles recently on NDTV as follows:

  1. Dec 14th – How Prannoy Roy cheated shareholders and investors of NDTV
  2. Dec 15th – Prannoy Roy siphoned Rs. 53.84 crore to personal account from NDTV
  3. Dec 16th – Unending saga of NDTV frauds – Prannoy Roy & wife granted Rs.92 crores interest…

Mincing no words, Swamy accused NDTV for telling lies and airing stories against BJP. He also said that the TV channel was supported by Christian Missionaries.  Swamy’s letter is published at the end of this report.

“Therefore, I cannot understand why the Finance Ministry officials should restrain the ED from taking these investigation to the logical conclusion of charge-sheeting them and proceeding in Court to framing of charges and conviction,” said Swamy to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Two months back, Swamy had complained to CBI and ED that action should be taken against the prominent faces of NDTV including Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra and Sonia Singh for cheating, fraud and money laundering. He accused that agencies are still probing the case under FEMA, which envisages only a fine and cases should be converted to Prevention of Money Laundering Act, which envisages three to seven years imprisonment. He alleged that certain people in top positions in government are trying to save the prominent faces of NDTV and providing them with an escape route by paying fine.

Here is a copy of the letter by Swamy to the PM:
Dr. Swamy's letter to PM on ED inaction against NDTV

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  2. Media should have freedom but ,not for loot or doing frauds and anyone stops ED to do work then that must have some interest in that fraud .

  3. Hello AAP PARTY, Congress, communist party COMBO,
    I do have lots of respect for Dr.Swamy and Hon. PM Modi,
    And I am not in favor of most Indian Media and yes NDTV is one of them. Some lower graded people who were SILENT for 66 long years of Congress/Communist rule are now showing their guts and writing against a 2 and half year government and writing against 2 and half years non stop working Prime Minister. These same losers are now trying divide and rule tactic. And i will check with dr.Swamyji pwrsonally. And Wait now some of these losers will attack my comments.watch….

  4. Arun Jaitley is wrong choice. Subramaniam Swami should be made the finance minister to get work done quickly,strictly,sincerely,honestly.

  5. Modi is having the last laugh.Sangis think he is decisive, middle class hindus think he is honest,DrSwamy’s followers are confused whether to put their trust in him.Modi is a status quoist believing in the power of bureaucracy/government.In other words he is as confused as the congis were especially on governance.If India has to change, then rule of law becomes foremost priority.honesty of govt. officials becomes equal priority.Our courts needs to function speedily and the people should feel that the courts are there to get justice if govt. fails to provide them.In these issues, Modi’s approach is a big zero.If he is really honest as his bhakts think, he should clean BJP of crooks.he should also surround himself with capable honest bureaucrats not the bunch he has chosen.He needs to realign CBI not as a govt. poodle but an agency which can take on corruption even within the ruling party.Modi is the first step to clean governance but he is on the lowest pedestal.People need to look for better alternative in times to come.Modi is no antidote for present crooked mess but at the moment there is no alternative..In the land of the blind, one eyed is the king.

    • U are writing about manmohan or modi!?!!!!!
      Modi is not confused, he does things with proper timing, rather he allows the system to fraudsters,,, which looks like, he is not going after, just wait and watch.


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