Swamy seeks CBI-ED probe against NDTV and Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra and Sonia Singh

Swamy writes to the PM seeking an investigation into NDTV by the CBI and the ED

Swamy writes to the PM seeking an investigation into NDTV by the CBI and the ED
Swamy writes to the PM seeking an investigation into NDTV by the CBI and the ED

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday filed a complaint against New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) seeking probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and a money laundering probe by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). In a letter to Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi, Swamy demanded that the CBI and ED should question NDTV Network PLC’s (NNPLC) key shareholders including Prannoy Roy and wife Radhika Roy, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra and Sonia Singh. The Senior BJP leader alleged that certain people close to the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram are trying to save the main persons of NDTV and trying to provide an escape route to the TV channel. He further added that the case is in the arbitration stage and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under Raghuram Rajan had tried to save NDTV through paying a meager fine.

In his three page letter to Prime Minister and marked to the CBI and ED Chiefs, Swamy said CBI should register a case against NDTV under Prevention of Corruption Act related to Aircel-Maxis case. ED has already found that 50 million dollars has flown to NDTV from Maxis subsidiary Astro All Asia Networks. This company is already charge sheeted by ED and CBI for money trail with SUN TV. Swamy said the CBI has totally ignored the findings of ED and should probe the matter as the money flow is during the Aircel-Maxis scam period. The letter of Swamy is published at the end of the report.

Swamy also demanded that the ED should charge Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) for the swindling of Rs.2030 crores ($304 million) and Rs.640 crores ($96 million). He said that FEMA charges are only meant for fines and the real persons behind the money laundering through the NDTV’s UK registered company NDTV Networks PLC (NNPLC). BJP leader said as Prannoy Roy, Radhika Roy, Barkha Dutt and Vikram Chandra were major shareholders in the UK based company, they should be charged under PMLA, which envisages three to seven year punishment with fine. He also said ED should also register case under PMLA for Income Tax findings on illicit money of Rs.640 crores ($96 million) through Bermuda in March 2008. He urged that CBI and ED should be permitted to call all the high profile operators of NDTV who have been taking the cover behind journalists with political patronage, to suppress criminal investigation.

Swamy’s move against NDTV could end up being a nightmare for the channel and its main staffers. PGurus has reliably learnt that Swamy may take the case to the courts, if the government does not act on his petition. Below is a copy of the letter to the PM.

Subramanian Swamy Complaint Against NDTV Aug10 2016

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  1. We need at least 10 more Swamys in India to weed out all the Corrupt-Communal-Antinational Gangs which have been luxuriously breeding with the active connivance and blessings of the Congress Regime..

  2. Barring Narendra Modi, all his top ministers have been pally with Team (A)NDTV for years. Don’t think any national or international agency can touch these fellows. Remember a top journo of this channel got away in RadiaTapes controversy and continues to fly high as secular face of Indian Media. Internal corruption is not an issue with our media. Despite my cynicism, hope anti-corruption agencies get behind these presstitutes.

  3. There’s some kind of ongoing attempt to hide GE’s role in this. Money came to NDTV through an NBCU subsidiary which at that time was under control of General Electric Company (GE). Why would a GE company help NDTV launder money unless it was a bribe from GE using NDTV as an intermediary.

  4. Having seen Anna Hazare with all good intentions, breed a negative politics of AAP, as against that, it sounds good that Shri.Swamy efforts/goodwill can not be diluted by someone, In spite he joined BJP.

    Reading comments on this article as against facts presented by him, i found comments of pessimist vs. optimist. Shri Swamy is objectively rationale for good of India. In spite of some of misadventures his intentions seems to be good in what all he is trying presently.

    Looking at result of election of 2014, his efforts are rewarded for his vision of India, IF one can see he is not alone if truth is said and accepted by Indians in general.

    He is wise man of contemporary India, who can read constitution as well disguised policy to bring out fact.
    He submits to us facts and rest is upto all indians and system.

    Tolerating any channels point of view and using our own fund accrued out of tax to canvass it, two are different. It is misuse of power and that too in veiled process. Why ? Do we need to allow it forever, just coz we trust. This revelation gives us opportunity to imagine the flip side and hope govt. uses authority to establish the truth to deter such misuses. Hope judiciary plays it role judiciously ?

    I can only wish him the best for all of us, and for peaceful transition even Shri. Arun Jaitley, others are doing best they can. We dont need anarchy. It is surgery with medicine for quick cure and healing, and rest for all of us to do our best as healthy Indians to exercise and make India healthy.

    Let the truth prevail.

    • Your post confirms that little education is dangerous and certainly you must a BJPian as most seem to be highly confused.DrSwamy’s letter to modi is straight and blunt.CBI which is under Modi and ED which is under Jaitley are fooling around in booking crooks in NDTV even though the whole case is straight forward.A message to modi and jaitley thro’ modi, .Because jaitley doesn’t count as a leader of any substance, the missive is addressed to modi to act.Clear mr addled brain? Second stage of DrSwamy’s efforts will result in a law suit against govt. if they continue to dawdle.This will be a great taint to this govt. and loss of face /credibility.Upto modi whether he wants to continue in this path.Choice is on him.

  5. Now we will witness an intensified vilification campaign against the great patriot Dr. Swamy by NDTV and it’s tainted so called journos with a tacit support from a top Modi minister (Sakuni) working hard to make sure BJP doesn’t get majority on it’s own in the next election! Fortunately most people know the reality and so their campaign is going to backfire on their own faces!! A great job by PGurus as usual !!

  6. Poor swamyji. He is one person and how many cases he had to fight for without support from the govt and under the road blocks created by his own party members like Mr jaitley ? He is fighting cases of national herald, aircel maxis, baba asaram, this NDTV money laundering case, Augusta West land case etc . we need to clone swamy for 5 more swamys so that the cases can be brought to logical end at the earliest .

  7. DrSwamy is a real lion and tenacious.What a lot of protection for the crooks within the joker party!!Who’s interest our 56″” serving?


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