NIA arrests ISIS operator from Kerala linked with Sri Lankan blasts

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) of India has arrested a 29-year old Riyas Aboobacker from Kerala, a terrorist-accused for another plot

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) of India has arrested a 29-year old Riyas Aboobacker from Kerala, a terrorist-accused for another plot
The National Investigative Agency (NIA) of India has arrested a 29-year old Riyas Aboobacker from Kerala, a terrorist-accused for another plot

Many radical elements from Salafi Groups of Kerala & Tamil Nadu under the radar

The contact between the Islamic State (ISIS) supporters behind Sri Lanka’s recent blasts and Kerala is now exposed. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday arrested Riyas Aboobacker (29) from Kerala and the agency in a statement said that he was in touch through online with Zahran Hashim, who was one of the executors of the recent blasts in Sri Lanka which took the lives of more than 250 people. The NIA will produce Riyas Aboobacker before the Court on Tuesday.

The terror investigation agency said that he belongs to the ISIS module based in Kasargod district and is hailing from Palakkad district and was also known as Abu Dujana among the ISIS sympathisers and supporters in the South Indian states. He was also a follower of fugitive Zakir Naik and was in online touch with many ISIS operators from Kerala, now stationed in Syria.

NIA is probing the role of certain Jehadi modules in Tamil Nadu also in connection with the Sri Lankan blasts.

“Today (29.04.2018) NIA arrested Riyas A @ Riyas Aboobacker @ Abu Dujana, 29 years, r/o Palakkad, Kerala in Kasargode ISIS module case (RC No. 02/2016/NIA/KOC) for conspiring to commit a terrorist act. During interrogation, he has disclosed that he has been in online contact with absconding accused Abdul Rashid Abdulla @ Abu Isa for a long time and has been following his audio clips including the clip which he had circulated on social media platform instigating others to carry out terror attacks in India. He revealed that he was also having online chat with Abdul Khayoom @ Abu Khalid (Accused in Valapattanam ISIS Case)who was believed to be in Syria. He has further disclosed that he has been following speeches/videos of Zahran Hashim of Sri Lanka for more than a year and has also followed the speeches of Zakir Naik. He admitted that he wanted to carry out a suicide attack in Kerala,” said the statement issued by NIA.

The NIA had earlier received inputs that a group of four persons has been in contact with some of the accused viz. Abdul Rashid, Ashfaq Majeed, Abdul Khayoom, etc who had already migrated to Afghanistan and Syria. “After verification, NIA carried out searches at three places (two in Kasaragod and one in Palakkad District) yesterday (28.04.2019). Three group members have been interrogated for their ISIS links and their plans.  This case was registered in July 2016 following the disappearance of 15 youths from Kasargod and their subsequent migration to ISIS (14 persons to Afghanistan and one person to Syria). Accused Riyas Aboobacker will be produced before NIA Court, Kochi on April 30,” said NIA.

NIA is probing the role of certain Jehadi modules in Tamil Nadu also in connection with the Sri Lankan blasts. Many radical elements in the Salafi Groups operating in Kerala and Tamil Nadu were in touch with or the followers of Zahran Hashim, the main executor of the Sri Lankan blasts[1].


[1] NIA raids 3 Kerala houses, looks for links with Lanka bombersApr 28, 2019, The Times of India

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  2. Without enquiry, if any solid proof is available, they should be directly sent to their saviour Allah, instead of booking case and dragging on for years to gether.

  3. South India is going to be the play field hereafter to the terrorists and terrorism has been spreading it’s tentacle under the carpet .unless every one is diligent, weithout depending upon them govt, we are going to experience which will be disgusting and cruel

  4. I have heard and read -northern kerala- concentration of smugglers -leading to terrorist activities- given the terrorist development in sri lanka- coordination between national intelligence agencies of Bharat, sri lanka, nepal bhutan and bangladesh- network sharing terrorist chatter and intercept would likely help preempt terrorist threats and in the region.
    this thought must have been discussed prior to recent terrorist blasts and attack- inter agency levels between countries- and between government levels- coordination and cooperation have become more urgent and imperative.

    NIA- must become a larger agency – similar to CIA- to cordinate with defence military foces- to counter this seriously growing threat to our way of life- from internal and external terrorist threats.

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