One Paris attack suspect registered on arrival in Croatia


One of the suspects of the Paris terror attack was registered in a Croatian refugee reception centre and had headed for Hungary, a media report said on Sunday.

Citing Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List, Xinhua said several sources confirmed that the holder of a Syrian passport found at one of the attack sites in Paris was registered at the Opatovac refugee reception centre in eastern Croatia, near the border with Serbia on October 8.

He was allowed through to Hungary because there was no “security alarm” about him, since Interpol has not marked him as suspicious.

Greek police earlier said the owner of the passport was a young man who was identified by fingerprints in the Greek island of Leros and passed through on October 3.

The Serbian interior ministry also confirmed on Sunday that the holder of the passport had entered the country from Macedonia and registered at the Presevo border crossing on October 7, according to Croatian news agency Hina.

“It was established that his details matched those of a person registered in Greece on October 3,” the Serbian interior ministry said in a statement.


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