Opposition peddles manipulated video of PM Modi; shows him ignoring outgoing President Kovind

Opposition parties are far from realization that peddling fake news, propagating edited videos is not helping them

Opposition parties are far from realization that peddling fake news, propagating edited videos is not helping them
Opposition parties are far from realization that peddling fake news, propagating edited videos is not helping them

Fact check: Did PM Modi snub President Kovind during farewell?

The political opposition parties of India seem to be losing their wit day by day over their continuous failure in the polls. The opposition’s singular agenda of obstructing and opposing PM Narendra Modi is rendering it increasingly irrelevant.

While PM Narendra Modi hosted a farewell dinner for outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind, an edited video has peddled by the opposition of the event, where the opposition claims that PM Modi ignored President Kovind to pose for the camera. The main purpose of the manipulated video is to portray how PM Modi is disrespecting President Kovind, highlighting that Kovind is a ‘Dalit’.

Y Satish Reddy, Social Media Convenor, TRS, and Chairman of the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation tweeted, “When ‘Photograph’ is more important than the outgoing ‘President’.”

Replying to the edited video tweet of Y Satish Reddy, @Humor_Silly posted the unedited video of PM Modi greeting President Kovind. The handle tweeted, “One more fake news by KCR’s Party Here is the full video where one can clear see PM Modi greeting President with Namaste when he walk past him.”

Ashok Swain, a known Modi hater, without verifying the video tweeted, “India’s Prime Minister ignores country’s ‘Dalit’ President and prioritizes the camera!”

AAP spokesperson Sarvesh Mishra and many others shared the same trimmed video stating that PM Modi disrespected President Kovind.

The opposition parties are working in self-annihilation mode. They are far from realizing that peddling fake news, propagating edited videos, and spreading misinformation aren’t helping them. The people of India are losing faith in them with each passing day.

The trimmed video has been taken from the farewell event organized for retiring President Kovind who was greeting guests at the function. Here is the official untrimmed video of the event:

The manipulated video clip has now been shared by many parties including the opposition party, Congress, and leaders from the AAP. The opposition parties are working on a self-annihilation mode.

If the opposition wants to survive the 2024 polls, it is high time they wake up and leave behind their fake news factory.

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  1. Kovind has completed his usefulness.
    Each person gives respect to another.
    It’s his/ her wish.
    I have zilch respect for those who are using power, politics ,bribes and money to gain respect.

  2. Modi ji shows respects to all leaders no matter what. He draws attention from so many people at the same time that one can say, he did not look at me. Indian media ,majority of them are still working for NGOs which are funded by anti Hindu pro vatican groups. These people have spread so much negative info about Modi ji BJP that many universities are discussing topics like Muslims are in danger in India, Minority rights are getting taken away by Modi ji govt etc. Freedom of speech is fundamental but it does not give me right to attack some one insult them and have zero proof to substantiate their thrash. we must come up with laws to give a warning to anti national journalists who have become agents of colonial and islamic forces. Nation comes first.


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