P3: Dr. Anush Solomon Joy, Mary Suresh Iyer discuss the issue of Love Jihad as it sweeps over India

Detailing some of the dangerous trends that are evolving from the laboratory called Kerala, Dr. Anush Solomon Joy describes the chilling experiences of some who go to massage parlors and what happens there next. Do not miss!

Part 1 can be watched at – Mary Suresh Iyer on being brought up a Christian and how she found her answers in Sanatana Dharma
Part 2 can be watched at – AP had Christian CMs in the past but conversion became rampant after… Mary Suresh Iyer explains


  1. Love Jihad ?
    Yamaduta also has a religion, lives in Naraka and has an address.
    Video,”about 25 years back Hindu Young females, Hindu females parents knew where Naraka was, and were aware that it would be full blown if security barrier was crossed”.
    Film dialogues fabricated with rootless-bastard language
    Today, the sight of flashy cars, gifts from boutiques which sell Top Brand consumer goods (Fake Labels),that is when Hindu, Christian young females drop their discipline, sell their self-respect, identity & melt and melt and…


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