Swamy’s speech on Rajya Sabha on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination

We hereby attach the proceedings of Rajya Sabha where Senior leader of the BJP, Dr. Subramanian Swamy demanded a probe into the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The microphone got cut off when Dr. Swamy was explaining the discrepancy of the number of bullets fired.

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  1. muslim ehru and mountbatten conspired to kill Gandhi. Godse arrested 20-1-48 for bomb attack on Gandhi. Mountbatten released.him on 22-1-48.Gandhi shot 30-1-48. PASTY OSWALD GODSE FIRED 3 BULLETS WITH BRITISHER REVOLVER,GANDHI HAD 4 BULLETS. No autopsy on gandhi who was allowed to bled to death and not taken to hospital. it was like Indira was allowed to bled to death by Sonia with fake gandhi surname as she is married to the Nehru family. vijaya lakshmi pandit had talked that Gandhi was killed by the British


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