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Should the Centre dismiss the Maharashtra government? A critical look at the coalition's functioning during the Corona crisis

The Corona Crisis: President’s Rule, the only way out in Maharashtra?

The World facing the biological disaster by the disease popularly known as COVID-19 due to the Coronavirus has not left India where the number...
China deliberately unleashed the virus from one of its laboratories, but it is very possible that the virus escaped from the laboratory as a result of grave negligence

On pandemic, China must be held accountable

The US hit by Coronavirus pandemic the most. The US State of Missouri has sued China on COVID-19 mishandling. US President Donald Trump might have...
India’s contribution to the budget of the United Nations and each of its specialized agencies based on UN Scale of Assessment was about 0.36 to 0.38% of the total budget of each of the agencies.

India and United Nations: Need for a review

Appointment of Indian doctor as Deputy Director-General, Dr Soumya Swaminathan. Two news about the World Health Organisation (WHO) hogged the headlines in India over the...
The WHO, which is an independent body under the aegis of the United Nations, bought China’s stories of virus outbreak lock, stock, and barrel.

Corona Virus: Answers that China and WHO must give

China eventually acknowledged the crisis and permitted an advance team from the WHO to enter the country in mid-February. Once the world emerges from the...
Glyphosate causes cancer, rules California

Glyphosate causes cancer, rules California

All California retailers are required to add cancer warning labels to all products containing glyphosate from July 7 In a major setback to the multinational...
GM Seeds sneaked in India

Monsanto sneaks in banned GM seeds

Monsanto sneaks in GM seeds in India Agriculture multinational, Monsanto, that is doggedly pushing Genetically Modified (GM) seeds in India despite the spectacular...
The vaccines and bio-therapeutic manufacturer on Wednesday announced that it is working on ZIKAVAC vaccines for Zika infection.

Hyderabad-based Indian firm developing a vaccine for Zika virus.

Indian firm developing a vaccine for Zika virus.The company has filed global patents for both inactivated and recombinant vaccines. Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech is developing world's...
It is time to think of Electric Vehicles

It is time to think of Electric Vehicles

New Delhi The time for electric vehicles, or EVs, may not yet be ripe for India, but the idea of non-polluting passenger cars is surely...

Modi’s ‘convenient’ action at CoP-21

As India and the world have had their eyes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi from even before the crucial Conference of Parties-21 (CoP-21) UN...
On this the Anti-Obesity Day, lose weight with BMI screening

On this the Anti-Obesity Day, lose weight with BMI screening

New Delhi, Nov 25 When 49-year-old Veena Gandhi came to Dr Tarun Mittal, a laparoscopic and obesity surgeon at Sir Gangaram Hospital in the capital,...


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