Pakistan attempting to stoke communal tension in Jammu region: Former DGP Vaid

Dr. Vaid advises officers of the security grid to plug gaps and focus on gathering Human Intelligence

Dr. Vaid advises officers of the security grid to plug gaps and focus on gathering Human Intelligence
Dr. Vaid advises officers of the security grid to plug gaps and focus on gathering Human Intelligence

Need to rejuvenate Village Defence Committees

Former Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Dr. S P Vaid, who remained at the forefront of the war against terrorism, has claimed the recent incidents of targeted killings of Hindus in the frontier Rajouri district are clearly aimed at triggering communal tension in the Jammu region.

In an interview with a local news channel, Dr. Vaid explained after security forces busted modules responsible for targeted killings of members belonging to the minority community across Kashmir valley the terrorist handlers have shifted their focus to Jammu as they intend to create communal tension in the region.

Dr. Vaid said a similar modus operandi was adopted by the Pakistan-based terrorist handlers in the late 1990s when the erstwhile Doda district and frontier districts of Rajouri and Poonch, Reasi had witnessed massacres of innocent citizens.

Referring to the frequent incidents of terrorist violence in the frontier district of Rajouri Dr. SP Vaid said, “the region has been witnessing regular incidents of terrorist violence, infiltration attempts were also made by the terrorists from across the line of control and local residents have been spotting suspicious movement of terrorists in the area yet the security grid failed to plug the gaps and terrorists were able to target the citizens inside their homes”.

Dr. Vaid patted the back of a local villager who timely responded and used his weapon by opening fire on the terrorists in Dangri village on January 1.

“If the VDC member had not acted swiftly the death toll could have been much more”.

The terrorists had planned to inflict maximum civilian casualties to provoke a backlash.

Dr. Vaid observed the terrorist handlers have failed to radicalize youth from the Jammu region and were once again attempting to create disturbance in the region in order to keep the terror pot boiling.

Referring to the internal situation inside Pakistan, Dr. Vaid claimed their economy is in shambles and people are living in poverty. The day is not too far when the local citizens would demand justice from the Pakistan army. The citizens in Pakistan have started raising their heads and questioning the policies of the Pak army. Dr. Vaid said the Pakistan army is under stress and facing losses on a daily basis. To divert the attention of their own people the Pakistan army is attempting to create more unrest inside Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Vaid also suggested the officers of the security grid in Jammu and Kashmir strengthen the village defence committees by arming them and providing them training to counter the threat of terrorists in their villages.

Referring to the communal harmony prevailing across different parts of the Jammu region, Dr. Vaid said I salute the members of the civil society for coming out in large numbers and sending across a message of love and harmony by standing behind the victims of terror.

He said every time terrorist handlers attempt to create a divide and provoke communal tension in the region the common citizens join hands and fail their nefarious designs.

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