Pakistan in turmoil, is it the right time for India to strike?

The strategy ahead, Baluchistan’s Independence proclaimed and accepted. To stop any further nuisance from Pakistan, divide it further into four parts

Pakistan is in turmoil
Pakistan is in turmoil

Politically, Pakistan for name sake have Government in place, in actual it’s the weakest vulnerable Government formation ever, installed by the Army as a dummy.

The Pakistan Economic is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and already on life support.

Pakistani currency reached an all-time low against US Dollar trading at Rupees 147 to the US Dollar on 16th May 2019.

After hectic negotiations and a virtual breakdown of talks with the International Monetary Federation (IMF), Pakistan, under the US influence, managed to sign of preliminary agreement with the IMF for a $6 billion bailout. In spite of this understanding, the Pakistani Rupee is sliding to an all-time low and is speculated to further crash up to 20% to 40%. The IMF agreed last week to follow a market-determined exchange rate and still it is not helping to keep the Rupee in control. The Pakistan Central Bank which controls the currency exchange rate seems to be clueless and helpless.

It was blessing in disguise for Pakistan with Election in India, all the tension between the countries and recent Airstrike on Terrorist hideout training camp at Balakote did not turn into full-blown War

The uncertainty in Forex and Pakistani Rupee fluctuating prompted government agencies to meet with currency dealers to discuss how to stabilize the currency with no real support whatsoever. Huge Pakistan workforce employed abroad especially the Middle East has stopped remitting money into Pakistan in fear of instability and the future ahead.

Big money in recent times has moved out of Pakistan – the Politicians and Army Generals are behind the loot.

Pakistan is currently facing significant Economic challenges, with virtually no foreign exchange reserves, lower growth, a huge dip in manufacturing, a drop in Exports, Imbalance with high imports amounting to increasing the trade deficit.

With India being the dominating Nation in the Sub-Continent and the past and recent bitter relationship between both the Nation, it would have been ideal for India to press the hard button. Somehow in the midst of the Election season in India, the focus shifted from the Borders to the mainland. It was a blessing in disguise for Pakistan with the elections happening in India as all the tension between the countries and the recent Airstrike on Terrorist hideout training camp at Balakote did not turn into a full-blown War.

Now once the new Indian Government takes charge by the end of May 2019, its policies will determine the future course of action. There should be no letting down of the Indian interest and Pakistan must be shown its place to disturb peace in India via its sponsored Terrorism.

The strategy ahead should be to recognize Balochistan as an independent country and help them install a government in exile in New Delhi. To stop any further nuisance from Pakistan, divide it further into four parts.

The message to Pakistan must be loud and clear, respect and behave or face the consequences!!!

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