It is not a bed of roses for whoever forms the next Government

The new government will have its hands full addressing petrol prices, which will likely go up as India needs to buy Oil for dollars. The economy is a major concern as India is getting into a Debt trap of not being able to generate revenues even to pay the interest, leave alone the principal.

It is not a bed of roses for whoever forms the next Government
It is not a bed of roses for whoever forms the next Government

India stopped buying Crude from Iran from May 2 onwards. This is certainly going to affect prices at the pump and inflation will go up. Whoever comes to power, will have some pressing needs to address. In a week’s time, we will all know who is going to form the government at the Centre. Here is a look at what the two principal parties are facing:


Of the 543 Lok Sabha seats, Congress is only contesting 421. That tells us that they are planning for 2024 or later, hoping that a khichdi sarkar like the 1996 coalition will come to power and they can stay outside and give support (in exchange for immunity), only to create a situation that would look positive for them at which point, they will pull the rug from under the coalition’s feet. Then try and create the impression that only they can lend stability to the country. Unfortunately for them, there are some gaping holes:

  1. Their pronouncements of the last 5 years do not give the voting public any assurance that Congress can bring more stability than the BJP
  2. While none of their leaders has gone to jail, the public knows that favours are being called in every branch viz. Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.
  3. A change in leadership is a must even for them to attempt this. And that would have to be someone with proven administrative experience and a relatively clean image. No one is appearing on the horizon right now so the family will continue to lead the party and drive it into the ground.


  1. Thanks to Social Media and the bankruptcy of the MSM, the public is much more aware of the day-to-day happenings. The 2014 decisive vote was a mandate to cure the country of its ills, especially corruption. Is the country willing to give Modi another term in order for him to fix this?
  2. The public is angry that Modi could not even make Ram Setu a National Monument so no one is buying any of his promises on Hindutva.
  3. The leadership style of Amit Shah as the President of the Party also leaves much to be desired. If the party underperforms, look no further than him. He should have stepped down for losing three significant states last December. But then, that would mean that there is democracy in the party!
  4. India will need to do some drastic re-tooling of its economic policies which requires someone in the Finance Ministry with gravitas and the smarts to navigate the ship through choppy waters. The two Ministers who have handled Finance have no clue of how Macroeconomics works and how a state of equilibrium has to be maintained.
  5. A detailed read of the Budget presented in February shows that India has entered the dreaded Debt Trap. Knowing this, no minister will want to sign up for Finance – of course, they may not know what a Debt trap is, in which case the country is doomed. If India wants to do a Quantitative Easing, it must proactively show that it knows what it is doing – and for this, they need someone like Dr Swamy. There are a series of steps that need to be taken in a coordinated manner with fine-tuning along the way to minimize the turbulence.

So what does the wise voter have in his/ her mind? Wait till the 23rd and you will know!

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  1. premature leak of exit poll results of 2019 loksaba and rajasaba elections- purpose-create a chatter-among opposition parties- create a potential ensamble combinations/permutation of alternative govt to BJP lead NDA govt.

    I first heard about exit poll leak- not pay attention- but when I hear about chatter among opposition parties- now realize why the deliberate leak happened- to create chatter-on alternative governments potentials- before the actual results on may 23.

    cleaver attempt- to create a sentiment of – the opposition can mount a potential government – before the final phase of elections- may impact that phase?- Bengal alone does not make any f..g combination of opposition parties to form a jigsaw government of parties- with no leadership.

    if ‘Maria’ -author- of comment- that the f…g bitch is a 1/2 muslim- if it is true- that seem to make sense- allowing muslims from- bangladesh and myanmar-rohinggas; her actions are friendly to muslims that Hindu’s.

    and- the thug/gangsterism like administration of of the Bengal state- if this persists- presidents rule will be inevitable- protect Hindu’s and others- and the state declining into chaos and mayhem- allowing terror- maoists-naxels- other terrorists- carve out urban terror enclave to operate in.
    horrendous outcome we cannot allow.

    so MODI and company- must plan to preempt the so call plan of the opposition- whether it turns out not true or not.

    BJP & co- going about- cool- aware of the thinking-of the sudden increase in chatter among opposition parties and attempt at meetings amongst themselves etc.

    MODI- prospect of 2nd term is even more critical to the future of Bharat- in ist term- there are incompletes
    along with completes- the chatter I hear making incomplete to complete 1st priority- easier and difficult incompletes- political and non political.
    first 100 days critical to set up his 2nd term- remove 35A and 370- any which way you can; clean up- 3 agencie/ministries- SEBI- RBI- FINANCE- put Subramanian Swamy- FINANCE MINISTER; IE KICK JAITLEY- WORK OUT YOUR EGOS- MODI VS SWAMY- FOR THE SAKE OF FURTHER MAKING BHARAT GREATER;

    this disruption must include the clean up of the commodity markets- trading mechanisms- this will caterpult the commodity markets to a powerful center in the international market areas- and most importantly reinvigorate the farming sector- farmers/producers to storage to processors- produce/processed products to distributors to end user consumers/producers- creating the largest sector of our economy;

    it is not going to happen- complete- in 5 years- but it will set up the infrastructure.

    mODI- has to find a leader that has this vision of that chain- a block chain- understand the chain- perhaps a leader who works in a existing segment of the chain- there must someone out there.

    another vision- is setting up the infrastructure to create a Bharat economy- run on non fossil fuels- solar-wind-water-driven electrical power and people mover power;
    in 2019-climate scientists- at all levels/specialists have come to conclusion- that the earth has 10-12 years to reverse the trend of GLOBAL WARMING- AND IF WE DO NOT DO IT IN THAT PERIOD- THE TREND WILL BE IRREVERSIBLE.

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR BHARAT- opportunity to build a work force around this vision- Bharat economic system- run on non fossil fuels, but on renewables.
    massive agenda- but doable- you have not choice- the young population amongst us will sure be impacted.

    in the US- it is called the -GREEN NEW DEAL- look it up on line- I am sure you have heard of it.

    that is the scale Bharat need to take/embrace- this is again – will take more than 5 years- but the infrastruture for it to happen can be laid out in the next 5 years- imagine THE JOB CREATION; IT IS DISRUPTION BUT IS ALSO A MASSIVE CREATION.




    work on

  2. Why can’t we blame Narendra Modi for choosing incompetent Arun Jaitley while Dr Subramanium Swamy is available.

  3. The next should accelerate privatisation of obese PSUs, shut down unnecessary ministries else India will become Venezuela by 2024

  4. Is India really falling into a debt trap?? So the actual blame lies with the Harvard economists MMS and PC, and their f..k DNA of some White skin, and we know White skin Christian DNA is Satanic. In addition MMS got the slave PM ship because like all Pakipanjabis, who love to be eternal slaves of White skins, his daughter is also like true pakipanjabin is satiating the carnal pleasures of beloved White US and Italy, “married”3 times, last to Italian Warton Beebee

  5. So now it seems that PGurus have come out in real terms. Italian Nazi Conquistador (Inquisition) Party will never be trusted EVEN IF it places A Saint like Kanchi Parmacharya as PM Candidate. PGurus only real loyalty is not Hindu or Indian survival, but only one person, who is not targeting Italian-Vatican now, but only FINANCE MINISTERS of every party.


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