Part 1 – Ten things that Modi must do in the current term, according to Prof. RV

With great power comes great responsibility - Modi carries the hopes and aspirations of 1.3 billion people as he gets ready for his second term. What are the things he should look at?


  1. yes sir are right .. to speed up corruption cases against corrupt politicians .and send them to jail. NDA 2 must start working on this from now.. Sree Iyer wrote a book on ndtv frauds ..but nothing happened yet.

  2. Let the PM concentrate only on rooting out corruption at least in the bureaucracy and all levels of governance at any cost. At 75, I am ready to render honorary services for this purpose, if the PM is prepared to accept this offer. The next step would be to identify the sleeper cells in the top bureaucracy reporting faithfully to the Family even today, as proven and evidenced by the passing on of the top most State secrets to a Newspaper in the Rafael case. There is ample evidence of the existence of sleeper cells still actively engaged in serving the interests of the Family dynasty. In the interest of the sovereignty of the country, it is imperative to identify these traitors whose foreign bank accounts, mostly in false (code) names will contain the evidence of their active support to the detractors of the PM.
    Once corrupt people and their families are identified and removed, there would be no problem in the distribution of income and wealth more equitably among the people so far neglected despite efforts by the PM who is still not getting the dedicated support of the govt servants that he deserves.

    The ruling party must also do everything possible to ensure that the people of Bengal and the South start feeling that it is not anti-Bengali or anti-South–the common propaganda in these areas. Mamata Banerjee and the Left intellectuals of Bengal and Stalin in Tamilnadu have been levelling these charges which need to be effectively countered.
    It is thus necessary for the BJP to induct educated and cultured people from these regions to properly advise the leaders on the requirements of these areas, especially as far as the respective ethnic cultures are concerned. For instance, a Bengali and a Tamil journal can be conceived which can become medium of interaction with the respective regions.


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