PM Modi thanks President Macron for Bastille Day Parade invitation

PM Modi has accepted the invite from French President Macron to be the Guest of Honor at the Bastille Day Parade

PM Modi has accepted the invite from French President Macron to be the Guest of Honor at the Bastille Day Parade
PM Modi has accepted the invite from French President Macron to be the Guest of Honor at the Bastille Day Parade

PM Modi to attend Bastille Day Parade in Paris as Guest of Honour on July 14

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for inviting him to be the guest of honor on the Bastille Day parade.

“Thank you my friend Emmanuel Macron! I look forward to celebrating Bastille Day and our Strategic Partnership with you and the French people,” Modi tweeted.

He was responding to a tweet by Macron, who wrote in Hindi that he would be happy to host Modi as a respected guest in Paris during the Bastille Day parade, which is held annually on July 14.

President Macron had earlier tweeted, “Cher Narendra, heureux de t’accueillir à Paris comme invité d’honneur du défilé du 14 juillet!

प्रिय नरेंद्र, 14 जुलाई की परेड के सम्मानित अतिथिके रूप में तुम्हारा पेरिस में स्वागत कर के मुझे बहुतखुशी होगी।“

Earlier during the day, the External Affairs Ministry had said in a statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the invite from French President Emmanuel Macron to be the Guest of Honour at the Bastille Day Parade in Paris on July 14, in Paris.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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  1. Over the years ; under the very nose & eyes of Ambassador of India to France :
    Amnesty International has been receiving funds from French Government on a regular basis.
    To date Amnesty International has not missed an opportunity to badger, ostracize India, apparently has a ‘Free Pass’ for expositions at City Hall (Hotel de Ville) of Paris, France.
    Residents of France :
    Their (beneficiaries from acts of terrorism in India) bank deposits swelled with rising wave of terrorism in India. There was an official (GOI) ban on their (beneficiaries) travel to India. But they did indeed travel to India.
    Who approved travel visas to these beneficiaries of terror ?
    (Reference…Photos with top level politicians as proof)
    A non-Indian (from one of adjoining countries) was whining for months, because he could not get his passport renewed. But then suddenly through a ‘Fixer’ who organised ‘Setting’ for a fee, this non-Indian (from one of adjoining countries) was able to renew his passport, all accomplished through pliant Indian Embassy staff.
    Under the very nose & eyes of Ambassador of India to France :
    In a campaign financed by France, India symbolized torture. France’s mercenary-Amnesty International in its reports accused Police in India, doctors in India and advocates employed by GOI of complicity in torture.
    Where as :
    Torture is/was not defined in French Penal Laws/Code.
    Over decades ; opportunist France deployed ‘Good terror’ & ‘Bad terror’ ambiguity, dichotomy to achieve its political goals.
    Because France was one of the major exporter & financier of terror, targeting India. France’s focus has been least expensive escape route. In the process ; shoddy investigations by French Police, compromised judiciary while Proclaimation of Flawed decisions as legitimate shielded France. Over the years ; Embedded, entrenched assets of terror cells have been active, in existence a la grâce France.
    France with improvised medical science (a slave) coupled with pliant doctors (degree from a medical school in France) managed to navigate through turbulent terror and/or torture infliction accusations/charges.
    At times, when survivor’s needle (France s mercenary exposed) pointed towards higher authorities, France escaped through ‘Anonym veto’.
    France was able to sustain its crimes in continuity, because it used profits from succeeding crime to defend the preceeding crimes.

    India’s Trade was for long stagnant/snails pace, India’s foreign policy-objectives stymied, defense expenditures going up/North but security of human life & limb has been on ICU/gasping for breath-oxygen.
    Apparently anti-national elements from adversaries, especially Occidental West have wormed their way into almost all Indian institutions over the last few decades.
    For example :
    During his tenure as Congress era NSA Shivshankar Menon (linked to George Soros) insinuates India’s domestic policy should be decided by USA. He was promoted out of turn by UPA’s top leadership. In 2014 ; soon after retirement from India, he was an employee of George Soros. No matter what they do (Do Nothing) ; an Indian Babu has a secure income, promotion, expanse of immobile properties, one leg anchored abroad though spouse or child, a post retirement plum-job abroad.

    Registered letters to PM (marked Personal & Confidential-well sealed envelopes) contained data, actionable information vital to security (described above), e.g. threats from unsuspecting sources. These letters were delivered of course.
    French royality was executed in 1789, culmination of mass revolution by have-not/ignored masses by nobility is celebrated as ‘Bastille Day’ in France.


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