PM Modi’s birthday on the Narendra Modi App – BJP’s ‘Offer Your Seva to the Nation’ campaign

This year, using the NaMo App, these wishes can be done by recording a video message or a photo that can be directly uploaded on the NaMo App and sent to PM Modi

This year, using the NaMo App, these wishes can be done by recording a video message or a photo that can be directly uploaded on the NaMo App and sent to PM Modi
This year, using the NaMo App, these wishes can be done by recording a video message or a photo that can be directly uploaded on the NaMo App and sent to PM Modi


The Narendra Modi App, popularly known as the NaMo App, is a comprehensive repository of information and achievements in the context of India and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

In a digital age, where news, events, initiatives, and achievements are broadcast across the world in the blink of an eye, the NaMo App makes for a one-stop solution to receive every update delivered directly to you through your smart device.

The NaMo App has now become one of the leading platforms that connect the people with tangible efforts being made on the ground for National progress and development – an ideal use of technology and Jan Bhagidari to spread the development cheer.

PM Modi’s 72nd Birthday – Spirit of Seva and CPonnect of Technology

In its unique capacity, the NaMo App combines technology and Seva and in doing so, brings the people closer to the leader they love and admire.

Each year, special modules are created that connect the people with each other and also, the Prime Minister.

An opportunity to wish PM Modi – Directly and Digitally

  1. Crores of Indians send their regards for PM Modi’s birthday and wish him the best for the future. This year, using the NaMo App, these wishes can be done by recording a video message or a photo that can be directly uploaded on the NaMo App and sent to PM Modi.
  2. The innovation this year is the NaMo app users will also get a chance to include their entire family in one greeting before they send it to the PM.
  • A personalized e-card can be shared with every family member where they can add their message before finally uploading it to be sent to PM Modi.
  • Be it your family at home, the one at your local booth, your professional office family, your class in school, or your neighbourhood – there’s a personalized e-card for every family!
  • From village elders, your grandparents, or your young friends, with the Family e-Card, now you help everyone send their best wishes to PM Modi.

A new way to know more about your favourite PM

  1. Every year, a virtual exhibition on PM Modi’s life is hosted on the NaMo App that features the challenges he faced, the innovative ideas he used to overcome them, and how he was instrumental to growth – First in Gujarat as the CM and then for India as the Prime Minister.
  2. This year, using advanced technology, the people will be able to pick the moments from PM Modi’s life that they most connect with and create a short video of the same. This personalized video that every user may create will then be available to share on every Social Media platform – all using the same NaMo App!

A ‘Gift of Seva’ – A pledge to serve the Nation

  1. This year, a new module is being launched for NaMo App users – be it Karyakartas or otherwise – on the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday, called ‘Gift of Seva’.
  2. Not only will this ‘gift’ inculcate a sense of pride and achievement within Indians, but for a leader who has devoted his all to serving the nation, there can be no better way to commemorate a birthday.
  3. Users will be able to choose and pick an area where they would like to lend a hand and take a pledge.
  4. Every pledge and every Seva will be recorded using the NaMo App’s interactive and user-friendly interface which will go a long way in inspiring and motivating others to join the effort and strengthen New India’s resolve for progress and development.

Users may pick one or more of the following pledges and begin their Seva for the country and her people:

  • A Pledge for TB Mukt Bharat

A pledge to adopt a TB patient and assured medium for delivery of essential services such as nutrition, medicines, awareness, etc.

  • LiFE: Pro-planet people

Users can share pictures showcasing their move towards PM Modi’s globally accepted mantra of ‘Lifestyle For Environment’.

  • Blood Donation

By sharing videos donating blood, users will not only make an invaluable contribution to those that need it the most but will inspire countless others to follow suit.

  • Leading Digital India

Users can post a video of adopting a digital/ tech innovation in their daily life or helping another person adopt one.

  • Swachh Bharat

Videos where people have taken the initiative to clean their vicinities.

  • Vocal for Local to becoming Aatmanirbhar

Users will share a picture of a happy vendor from whom they have purchased a locally produced item that is making them Aatmanirbhar.

  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

To showcase India’s vibrant diversity and beautiful culture, users can upload videos celebrating the unique phenomenon that is India.

  • Catch the rain

Users can put together a video of local/ innovative solutions to conserve rainwater that will help raise awareness about the ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign.

Micro Donations for Macro Impact

  1. Every little contribution and every small effort from the people is a force multiplier when it is made to further the goals and targets of the nation as a whole. NaMo App brings to its users a specially created module where they can make micro-donations ranging from Rs.05 to Rs.1,00 for an initiative of their choosing.
  2. Through the module, even those who may not get a chance to gift a Seva to the country physically on PM Modi’s Birthday can do so remotely – that’s the power of technology!
  3. With every donation, made securely and safely on the NaMo App – one can not only contribute directly but using technology, can also inspire others to do the same.
  4. Karyakartas and people can choose from the following areas where they can make a Micro Donation to strengthen the efforts being made in that direction:
  • Swachh Bharat Mission

Donate to strengthen this massive drive that is ensuring dignity, respect, and health for every Indian.

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Every contribution made goes a long way in enabling, empowering, and protecting the nation’s Laxmi i.e., the girl child.

  • Kisan Seva

Donate to lend a hand in support of the drive to make our Kisan, more Balwaan.

  • Party Fund

Mirco donates to support, encourage and strengthen the resolve of millions of BJP Karyakartas who remain unflinching in their resolve to serve the people of India.

  • Others

Be it Digital India, StartUps or supporting entrepreneurs – micro-donations made for this cause will ensure that India’s development not only continues but gathers pace.

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