Prashant Bhushan bows down to Supreme Court’s Order. Paying fine to avoid prison and disbarment from profession

Prashant Bhushan eats humble pie, apologizes and pays Rs.1 fine to the Supreme Court

Prashant Bhushan eats humble pie, apologizes and pays Rs.1 fine to the Supreme Court
Prashant Bhushan eats humble pie, apologizes and pays Rs.1 fine to the Supreme Court

Prashant Bhushan must remember that Law is above all and must keep ethics.

At last noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan bows down to the Supreme Court’s order by declaring to pay the fine of One Rupee for Contempt of Court. His other option was to choose three months of imprisonment, followed by a three-year disbarment from the legal profession. Actually, Supreme Court’s Bench headed Justice Arun Mishra, comprising Justices B R Gavai and Krishna Murai nicely fixed Prashant Bhushan who was doing bravado all along. The Order directed Bhushan to deposit One Rupee by September 15 or otherwise face three months imprisonment and three years debarring from the profession[1].

Later by evening Bhushan declared he will pay the fine and further remedies in due course. He Tweeted after the Press Conference about opting to pay the fine.

For the past several years Prashant Bhushan and his Left-wing friends were bullying judges whenever they lost a case. They would accuse them of being “Modi Government friendly” and slander. Bhushan fell for a young lawyer Mehek Maheshwari’s complaint on abusing judiciary in his tweets. Mehek Maheshwari vs Prashant Bhushan which turned into a suo moto case initiation by Supreme Court has become a typical David and Goliath kind of fight[2].

Responding to Prashant Bhushan’s Tweet on paying fine, Mehek Maheshwari Tweeted reminding Bhushan that the Law is above all.

“We are not afraid of sentencing the contemnor either with imprisonment or from debarring him from the practice. His conduct reflects adamance and ego, which has no place to exist in the system of administration of justice and in a noble profession, and no remorse is shown for the harm done to the institution to which he belongs,” said the judgment about the behaviour of Prashant Bhushan.

Prashant Bhushan (63) has done marvellous work for the society as an Advocate and fought for many good public causes and his cases produced many landmark judgments. But that does not give him the freedom to abuse or slander. He must remember that Law is above all and must keep ethics. Prashant Bhushan must take time to read the 82-page judgment very seriously and must change his abusive nature and hate-mongering nature.


[1] Prashant Bhushan Judgment: “His conduct reflects adamance and ego”, Supreme Court observes, but shows “magnanimity” with Rs 1 fineAug 31, 2020, Bar and Bench

[2] Noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan falls flat on young lawyer Mehek Maheshwari’s case on Contempt of CourtAug 15, 2020, PGurus

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  1. Prashant Bhushan is doing a great service to the nation. Prashant is such a well to do man that he does not need to stick his neck out and suffer for the people of this country. His pro-bono work is commendable. Prashant, in fact, by giving an escape route to SC allowing them to fine Rs.1, has made Justice Mishra’s farewell bitter.

    But Justice Mishra will not care as he has that kind of power which makes PM Modi and Amit Shah attend his grandson’s Mundan ceremony. Justice Mishra will soon by rewarded with a plush post-retirement posting.

  2. Prashant Bhushan diatribe and PIL brigade on every decision of the GOI reminds me how Cong-i slapped 100 court cases against the then AP state CM Late NT Rama Rao, never allowed to him to administer the state. Look at another saga of cunning Nancy Pelosi creating hurdles against Trump for almost two years! Prashant Bhushan seems to have guessed that like Pappu Rahul he too can get away with the unwarranted two tweets,,,Prashant Bhushan gone personal on CJI.

    PILs brigade and this procession of “bails” issued to scamsters must end.

    We respect Prashant Bhushan’s positive contributions.

    Prashant Bhushan tasted the bitterest pill by paying measly one rupee though his lawyer!!
    Hope Rahul the Pappu is listening! Prashant Bhushan must tone down his rhetoric and histrionics from now on….Lawyers may be lairs. But Prashant Bhushan is not above law.

  3. Prashant Bhushan had sworn that he would never pay a fine. But that pompous stand has crumbled very quickly in the face of the prospect of 3 months jail and 3 years debarment. If he was so sure of his belief that he had done nothing wrong he should NOT pay the fine and become a martyr and then continue his fight after coming out of jail. But WAIT. Is there not the second case still to be tried ? Wow there is still some hope that he will go to jail later.

  4. SC said, “He must remember that Law is above all and must keep ethics. Prashant Bhushan must take time to read the 82-page judgment very seriously and must change his abusive nature and hate-mongering nature.” The fellow was scared of serving a term or getting debarred, and opted to pay the fine. Kudos to Mehek Maheswari who rightly fixed his ego’s cancerous growth.

  5. Agree to what Venkatesh said. PG Gurus is fully bised and wrongly claims any one opposing the system is left wing. Maheshwari’s pretition aganist Bhushan is doltish. SC begged the sorry from Bhushan and made a self goal with 1- rupee. SC itself never imagined the huge backlash from public and its own ex judges.

    I will not be surprised to see P G Gurus write a very supporting article when the ruling regime honours this judge Mishra with Z-security and post retirement benefit !

  6. Great headline. What can you expect from BJP supporting authors of Pgurus in their understanding of the sentence against Prashant Bhushan? How can someone capable of writing an article be so partisan? Is this not because anyone opposing the ruling BJP party is supposed to be left leaning and Prashant is considered as a leftist. The right wingers forget that the Great Veer Savarkar wrote that great mercy petition to the British where he practically crawled before British. Later he was tried for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination even though Gandhi wrote to the British to free Savarkar from Andaman’s Kalapani.

    SC had to beg Prashant to ask for its pardon. Prashant categorically refused to apologize saying that any such apology for bonafide comments made in his tweets would be insincere. Justice Mishra, in a pleading tone, said that what is wrong in tendering an apology as what all Bhushan said as part of his defense was more derogatory.

    What did Supreme Court gave an easy route for Prashant to escape? It did this to avoid getting its image dented forever. People for times to come would have said that SC instead of punishing its detractor Prashant should have shown that Prashant was wrong by means of its sheer performance.

    How come Prashant Bhushan allowing his lawyer Rajeev Dhavan to pay Rs.1 fine is bowing before SC? Can this bowing be compared ever to Veer Savarkar’s bowing before the British to get released from Andaman’s jail? Actually, Prashant Bhushan by taking the option of allowing his lawyer to pay fine help salvage the prestige of SC. How would have history judged the SC were Prashant to accept imprisonment?

    • By refusing to apologize, Mr. Bhushan maintained egotistically that he did not do anything wrong. But, the SC disagreed and imposed a fine. By agreeing to pay that fine, Mr. Bhushan has agreed with the SC’s judgement and negated his original stand, bravado in his letter notwithstanding. His supporters may spin it absurdly to be an action of compassion towards the SC; but, the truth is his “principle” does not match his “bravado” – else, he would have forced the hand of SC to imprison him rather than submitting to pay the fine – at the least that is what Mahatma (that he referred to in his tweet) had done.
      The loser is the tax payer, for the SC should have recovered the cost associated with this sordid spectacle instead of the slap on the wrist sentence.

    • Prashant Bhushan (63) had built an impressive career by hooking on to the SC premises as a parasite. Few months back, he had challenged the RSS chief to go and fight against the Red Army in Ladakh, which means he has so much confidence in the fighting capabilities of Chinese Maoists. Now if he does not pay the fine he will surely go to jail because the SC had closed the case. Re-reopening a closed file is almost impossible. Hence there were only two options, pay fine or go to prison. No SC judge will come begging for an apology from this clever cunning snake. all see blog


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