Prof M D Nalapat on the India-China-US developments and the Grand design of Xi Jinping

What has Xi identified as the Achilles Heel of the US? Why is the virus active in India but not in neighbouring countries? Why is China nervous about the US's $2T infrastructure plan? Prof Nalapat decodes all these and more in this must-watch hangout!


  1. The Chinese leaders have been far sighted. They want to dominate the world both economically and militarily. Compare with India, where our leaders are pigmies, more interested in politicking which is amply provided by our democratic system, In 1970, Chinese leaders foresaw the futility of state controlled economy. They liberalised the economy. They gave economic freedom ,but not political freedom. Reverse happened in India even from Nehru’s time. Political freedom was given, but not economic freedom. The result is there for everybody to see. When the present regime wants to reverse the drift, all conspire bring it down.


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