Prof M D Nalapat on why the Rupee has not appreciated back even though Crude has come down

Are vested interested wanting to keep the rupee down? If yes, why?


  1. Indian politics must get real dirty to eliminate the dirt. That means Modi must act in unorthodox manner to show his real intent. A true love for India requires the will to lose life, limb and even power to change a nation that is inflicted by corrupt and dirty elitist in business and politics. Extra judicial killings would leave a nation changed overnight. Modi needs to have a special intelligence and a death squad to carry out the task. It’s not about killing for pleasure, or being a homicidal maniac, there is a higher purpose at play. The people who carry out these tasks are indeed there as angels.

  2. Interesting views. While Shri nAlapat has been fair and right in his views, in this case I could see his views prejudiced heavily by his expectations and frustrations esp in terms of what narendra modi is. That he has helmed a corrupt set of people and has acted lesser than what mms did were more by frustrations of not being able to see what he and his line of thinkers including Subramanian Swamy wanted.
    Why modi could not execute as well will remain a mystery till he speaks about it. Maybe after a victory in 2019 he does it or he speaks about it after a loss in 2019
    Where I am surprised and even begin to doubt if even the likes of Mr Swami and nAlapat are influenced by the American lobbyists.
    India can move closer to America and more than anything else our overtures will no longer be shunned. America is no longer the most powerful influencer of global policy etc. It remains a big and serious player and it’s abuse and I must say blatant abuse of it both militarily and economically of the world including its closest allies after the fall of Soviet Union has not gone unnoticed by anyone including india. Americans are transactional and are not worthy of trust esp in times of distress.
    India playing a balancing act with leanings to usa economically and playing an active support role to america’ late realisation of its losing position in global order is the best and prudent choice. Going deeper will be at the cost of losing our own self esteem

    American military equipment are far more expensive and less capable than vociferously marketed. Their innovation have been less radical and more incremental in the past 4 decades. THAD May rob India of the neutrality and independent power that it wants to build over time. It is anybody who understand military projectile tech/ missiles and liquid propulsion tech that Russians are still decade ahead of the west despite the loss of adv after the fall or Soviet Union. The time is more to have a formidable defence which is independent and work on assymetric and radical changes in armaments and tech for future warfare. Russians are ahead and more willing to ally in complete with Indians than any American govt would
    If American position of strength returns in due course, ( if China is made to crippple economically by American on going efforts) mark my words American friendly overtures to india may greatly be reduced. American wants others to fight their cause and that alone is wanted.
    The exchange rTe analysis Shri nAlapat puts in is bang on. If modi needs to win, there is one brahmaastra that will work despite his poor execution so far over many things which I agree wirh Shri nAlapat. That is to pass a bill in LS to nationalise all illegal and illegitimate assets by Indians in india and abroad. He cannot get more unpopular amongst politicians than what he is today. But his popularity wirh voters will soar to levels where he will win more than 350 seats putting any candidate he endorses. Of course this bill will fail in RS. Which is good and along expected lines. This exposes all the other politicians. His last barrier then will be only courts which too will be affected by this move.
    That will be the catharsis he can seek support for in May 2019
    Does modi has such a serious intent ? Does he have the courage to break loose of the stranglehold his ministers have on him. Will he risk his own life by moving in such a drastic direction ?
    KGB interfering in india is legendary. CIA indulging is no better. We have lost hundreds of brilliant scientists to mysterious deaths and accidents and internal cases thanks to CIA. That is the love for Americans of india. This can never been ignored. America works on only principle. – world for America. Americans. That’s all that matters. Democracy openness are mere alibi.


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