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The facts about Rupee Dollar Exchange rate

Value of a currency is its power to purchase goods and depends upon its quantity relative to the total goods produced in the country....

Nehru, the father of petrodollar economic imperialism

Nehru and Indira not only betrayed India and ruined its economy, but enslaved the entire humanity to an economic imperialism to toil under a...

Insider Vulture Cabal operating with impunity

The article is reproduced with authors permission. The Insider Vulture Cabal continues to operate in freedom, including several in high positions There was a time when...

US dollar falls on weak economic data

PerformanceGurus Staff New York, Oct 15 The US dollar decreased against other major currencies on Wednesday as soft economic data from the country dampened...

Where is the next financial crisis going to happen?

Sree Iyer The Dow is scaling new heights - NASDAQ and S & P 500 are also trending upwards and the bull market is now...


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