Prof RV on 2019 results and what it means to the Democracry

A brute majority can be a double edged sword. No more excuses for not fulfilling promises. The only pan-India alternative for BJP is Congress minus the family. Then who can they rally behind?


  1. Mr Iyer
    I always wonder as to why BJP is not making inroads in TN though I see a large number of very deeply religious Tamilians whenever I visit TN. Iyers and Iyengars need to take the religious ordinary Tamils with them like Brahmins of Karnataka, who laid a solid foundation for BJP. I see a sense of superiority complex in Iyers and Iyengars mixed with phobia of DMK goons. It is time for them to mobilise the ordinary people of TN for BJP shedding their conservative outlook. I mean no offence against Iyers and Iyengars.


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