Prof RV on Corruption and steps that needs to be taken to eradicate it

Prof RV has an easy solution for the Government to reach more than $5Triilion economy in 1 go. Watch this video to find out how.


  1. I suspect prof RV does not know ABC of corruption. Let any one of the two people in this video answer this question first..
    Which is the most corrupt country in the world based on their current understanding. I will watch this video if the answer is right, or even if it is in the ball park.

  2. Is Confiscating properties as suggested by Professor RV possible in India under Law without proving trail of bad money? Professor RV should give more concrete & feasible suggestion. Even IT people have not acted & investigated yet on source huge cash deposited by individuals,Corporate bodies etc during demonetization period in various PSUs,Private Banks,Co-op societies across India & huge gold purchased through cash in dubious methods on the night of notification day of demonetization People voted Modi anticipating he will eradicate corruption. Modi can reduce corruption to certain level only in Central govt level but not in State Govt. In my view, it is Politicians at all level from village Panchayat to Delhi Parliament has to be attacked first,should be caught,shamed. It is these Politicians are initiator of Corruption. They spend money for winning election,recover spent money through bribes,add further bribe for their kith & kin & for future election expenditures. This practice is prevalent from Village Panchayat Members to MPs. Their greed for accumulating wealth has gone to unlimited level. Even Political Parties compelled to collect money for Election purpose. Procedure for election funding in legal way is needed immediately.


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