Prof RV on the four years of NDA rule

Prof R Vaidyanathan on the performance of four years of NDA govt led by PM Narendra Modi


  1. Demon may turn out to be Waterloo for Modi & Shah. As per Dr. Swamy, the economy is in tatters contrary to rosy picture painted by fudged statistics of Modi regime. Nothing has been done to build Ram Temple, nor to unite Hindus. The party with a difference BJP has already acquired almost all bad qualities of Congress such as autocracy, using money power to win elections, horse trading to form governments, encouraging sychopancy, neglecting grass root, etc etc. Luckily Modi has no family otherwise even BJP would have turned into a family enterprise. As a strident right wing supporter, I am very disappointed and concerned that BJP may not come back in 2019. But who can stop the destiny of a person falling from a cliff?

  2. Regarding Demonitisation, I would like to tell Prof. RV, that having kept the announcement so secret, it will be foolish to even check about the working of ATMs. It was the concerned bank that should have done the checking and reported it to RBI. Since, everyone including the Professor knew very well about the working culture of the banking staffs, it cannot be informed and then done. Ofcourse it gave a lot of discomfort to the general public. Having given the CONgress party so long time to ruin the country to this level, the people should not be complaining about all these long queues.

    It is a nice idea to get rid of some ministries as mentioned by the Professor.

    • Agree on demonetization secrecy was vital. Removing ministries, its a slow process things have started like NITI Aayog, insted of Planning Commission, my guess is this think tank is in place to change the old ways of doing business by Indian Govt.

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