Pt Satish K Sharma on who after Corbyn and where UK is headed

The Conservative Party has come back to power with a majority of 80. The new term has started off with a bang, with PM Johnson calling for Sadiq Khan to resign. Where does Labour go from here? Many say that Lisa Nandy, who is part Indian, might be just what the Party needs now. Many interesting developments detailed in this must-see video.


  1. Most of these govt authorities are still congress leaning. They internally are ideogically against BJP policies. So when it comes to demonstration by congress they keep quite. You need to have more Amit Shahs as ministers to maje a change in the indian mindset. All the problems that we face in this country are congress created and their British mentality. Original Indian mindset is being recreated by BJP which would take time. Jaishankar is not a politician. Hence he would not understand this politics.

  2. Another excellent interview.
    It was shocking to learn that our High Commission had nothing to say when paki Muslims demonstrated against the CAA in London.
    We have a highly intelligent & experienced EAM in Mr Jaishankar.
    I do hope he pays heed & ensures that our diplomats forcefully & swiftly articulate our points of view & interests.


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