R V S Mani makes a startling disclosure of ISI involvement in the TRP ratings scam

In 2009, India Today released a gushing interview of Imran Khan by its reports Koel Purie Rinchet, where he is described as a fighter against terrorism – the interview was done prior to 26/11. In this startling interview, R V S Mani hints at who from Pakistan called Arnab. A must watch!

1. ON THE COUCH WITH KOEL – Bowled Over by Imran Khan
2. Pakistan casting an evil eye on Indian journalist Arnab Goswami – Goa Chronicle


  1. Mani sir, please do not hesitate and be vocal in sharing information on gaddars in India. You know the truth of 26/11 and role of P veer Singh in torturing Sadhvi Pragya. Your advise in calling for arrest of S Puri and the C P of Mumbai under UAPA is very daring. What the hell are NIA, I B and RAW doing ?

    Do we really have an IB minister, who enjoys laughing in interviews. Extremely talented S Irani was thrown out by Modi as IB minister. Your letter to IB minister would have been filed in disposal file.

    It is time all nationalists come together and support Republic and made use of the channel to support our nation.The TRP episode has exposed the real face of Indian media which is repulsive. My comment on India TV and TOI channel, “ you too Brutus “


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