Rahul Gandhi gaffes while addressing students in Chennai

Rahul Gandhi, nearing 50, asked the thousands of girl students who had assembled to listen to him to call him just Rahul and to avoid titles like Sir and Ji.

Rahul Gandhi gaffes while addressing students in Chennai
Rahul Gandhi gaffes while addressing students in Chennai

The hour-long question-answer session was used by Rahul Gandhi to “drive home” the allegations that Narendra Modi is corrupt, communal and inefficient

Congress President Rahul Gandhi should get his facts corrected by a team of party leaders before he ventures out for any public discourse. This is what people watching him in action at Stella Maris College in Chennai understood. The College managed and administered by Sisters of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, had made elaborate arrangements to project the young Congress president as the future Prime Minister of the country. A larger-than-life-size billboard set up by the College management had a quote “The Journey of  1,000 miles begins beneath your feet” with a picture of  Rahul Gandhi on it to give an impression that the message is from the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

But nobody did ask the Congress president why he and his mother attacked Narendra Modi and used terms like “Mouth Ka Saudagar”, “Fascist”, “Hitler”, “Communal fanatic”,

Rahul Gandhi, nearing 50, asked the thousands of girl students who had assembled to listen to him to call him just Rahul and to avoid titles like Sir and Ji.

The Congress president blamed the A B Vajpayee-led NDA government (1998-2004) for the Kashmir imbroglio. “When we came to power in 2004, Jammu & Kashmir was on fire. The policies of the Vajpayee government (1998-2004) have basically set fire to Kashmir. We isolated  Pakistan diplomatically and we engaged with the population. Big businesses were brought to the State and women were linked with banks. There was no terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir while the UPA government was in power. It is Narendra Modi by aligning with the PDP brought terrorism back to J&K,” charged Gandhi.

When the Congress president was asked why he hugged Narendra Modi inside the parliament, he came out with a hitherto unheard story behind the infamous incident. “You should understand that love is the foundation of every religion. While sitting inside the parliament and listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking,  I understood that he was very angry. He was insulting me, my mother, my father, my grandmother and calling them names. But I was feeling only affection for him. I could understand that this man was not able to see the beauty of the world. The Prime Minister has not got the love he deserved from anybody in the world and that was the reason for his hatred towards one and all.  So I thought I should hug him to convince him that the world is not that cruel and it was as a sign of my affection and love for him that I hugged him,” said Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress president said he would not be able to hate Narendra Modi. “This is the biggest lesson I learnt and this world. If someone is throwing stones at you, if he is insulting and hating you, keep it aside and start loving him. You can absorb all the hatred from him and start loving him more than he hates you,” was the advice of  Rahul Gandhi to the Stella Maris students.

But nobody did ask the Congress president why he and his mother attacked Narendra Modi and used terms like “Mouth Ka Saudagar”, “Fascist”, “Hitler”, “Communal fanatic”, “murderer”, “Chai waala”, anti-democratic, “dictator”, “autocrat” and even “cannibal” to describe the country’s democratically elected Prime Minister.

The hour-long question-answer session was used by Rahul Gandhi to “drive home” the allegations that Narendra Modi is corrupt, communal and inefficient.  He asked the students whether Narendra Modi would dare to come to a college like this and face questions from thousands of students. Well, the general feeling is that the Congress President in the course of his election campaign meetings would disclose more revelations which have the potential to turn winners into losers and vice versa.

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  1. When is next National Herald case(Vacating Herald House) hearing in SC? How long it takes? All lower courts ordered to vacate.

  2. Only senseless and unethical institutes like stella maries and loyala will listen and waste their time. Any person who has bit of intelligence can stump him with simple questions. You encouraging a stupid is as good as you being a stupid. Hope nation realizes this.

  3. I have a technical query. Does the election commission allow political meetings to be held in minority run institutions?

  4. If the 50 year old retarded “youth” can stand there and spout garbage with impunity, then we have only the brain dead BJP to blame. They (BJP) flushed a once-in-a-lifetime mandate down the toilet. There is no second chance.

  5. It’s reported that former US President Clinton and Bush progeny were punished due to wrong doings in their country while in India we give scoundrels SGP z+ protection, various facilities and amenities at taxpayers cost and fellows dream of becoming PM !

    In our unfortunate country qualifications used to be a dozen murders, many molestation cases, over a dozen criminal cases, smaller corrupt practices……… Now one has to do mega scams to reach…………!

    Atal Bihari Vajpayee should not have freed Rahu and he would have been in Jail in 2001. BJP made Rahu a challenger (through his vast media support too), even though he is not fit as a politician and even as a peon! Now he is a global trotter, none of us know who is footing his foreign jaunts expenditures.

    RaHu behaves as if, he is an intellectual giant in the country in particular and on globe scale in general and speaks extempore on many sensitive issues risking our national security, meets foreign envoys, terrorist’s emissaries, deputes Navjots/Aiyers/media-men to Pakistan and makes sarcastic remarks on majority Hindus.

    Meaning of Schadenfreude comes to mind when we look at RaHu and his anti-national activities and misleading young,middle and the old thus experiencing pleasure, self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. It is one of four related emotions or concepts or “a business that thrives on schadenfreude which Rahu enjoys 24/7/365 at the majority community’s cost. RaHu derives pleasure from another person’s misfortune also. How long we have to tolerate this “national nuisance” called RaHu? His sister is another Brahmastra (coined by pro-dynasty media) thrown at us recently. It seems we have to put up with her for another two decades. Mother, Son and daughter lives in three separate mansions! At whose cost?
    Instead of sending them to jail BJP seems to encash on their dramas/tamasha on daily basis.

    Guest speaker RaHu walking on the ramp (a la Sadguru/some film stars,) arranged by the Xtian College as mentioned in the post, students should have asked him to show them his sacred thread/ yagnopaveetham/ jenudhari avtaar first and students should have asked him to solve AJL riddle earning 500 crores from a meager 50 lakhs in five years instead of confusing himself on Rafael price factors, and how come he is evading taxes for years on AJL for so long!

    It’s unfortunate that RaHu has been misleading students/first time voters on terrorist born during ABL regime and now under Modi too. In a given college/University terra firma there should be a balanced view. Said college students/management should invite PM Modi ASAP to get his views on issues otherwise college source of funding must be investigated.

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  7. Because of the love modi had from crores of people of India, was he elected the prime minister in 2014.
    Love from Rahul is equal to love from east India company (hidden agenda).

    Raul will go-to all Christian colleges (Stella, Scott) and answer the already prepared questions and answers . …
    We know the capability of how missionaries can project a stupid thought to a super thought..

  8. I can understand the Stella Maris College, Chennai, managed and administered by Sisters of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, making elaborate arrangement to project Congress president Rahul as the future Prime Minister of the country. But the girls, however did they try, were unlikely to have been influenced by the inanities he spoke during the “interactive” session. He simply doesn’t have any clue about the serious national issues, nor does he have the vocabulary to make a mark as a public speaker! RahulG is a person I consider not only unqualified for any office, but also comes out throughout any interactive sessions he had so far with people, mean-spirited, vulgar, incredibly stupid and psychologically erratic. The Congress President accuses BJP of communalism, divisiveness, etc; but these are precisely the elements that have been the stock-in-trade of his party since the dawn of INC’s political career. Congress has been in the business of rewriting the History of India shamelessly, guiltlessly after the infamous Emergency celebrating IndiraG as someone who, rather than being India’s only Fascist Dictator, as one who upheld Jawaharlal Nehru’s Idea of India as a tolerant, liberal democracy! To whatever extent his handlers are able to feed him with speaking points, Rahul has been, rather inefficiently and stupidly lying about the Congress foreign policy, internal terrorism and Congress governments’ corruption in every sphere of activity including defence purchases! His party corrupt to the core and still possessing an unparalleled sense of shameless entitlement for his family by stealing the Gandhi surname, Rahul doesn’t have even the cleverness to make bluster substitute for a deliberate appraisal of how to adjust to the gap between aspiration and declining prowess of his party. So for me under Pappoo’s shameful and appalling campaign with measured or all-out aggression, the Congress party could be expected to roll headless after the coming Parliament elections!So eventually, experiments such as held in Stella Maris and elsewhere, will remain a ridiculously implausible political fantasy!

    • Yes.Sir I fully agree with you. RAHU has no comparison to any leaders in this world,leave alone Modiji. Tailored made programs and debates will not yield any results to the shameless Rahu and his party.


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