Rahul used Sahara vehicle to file nomination papers in Amethi for 2014 LS elections

In his eagerness to attack Modi, Rahul Gandhi runs the risk of losing his credibility

In his eagerness to attack Modi, Rahul Gandhi runs the risk of losing his credibility
In his eagerness to attack Modi, Rahul Gandhi runs the risk of losing his credibility

Rahul Gandhi, who tried to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi by using fake and judicially rejected Sahara diaries, is now caught up with using Sahara Group’s luxury vehicle. Now internet is abuzz with a picture of Rahul travelling in Sahara Group’s Toyota Land Cruiser SUV to file nomination papers in Amethi during Lok Sabha elections in 2014.
Rahul in a Sahara Group owned vehicle filing nomination papers
This Japan imported vehicle bearing registration number is UP32 DZ 7000 is registered at Lucknow in the name of Sahara India, as per vehicle records. What does it say about Rahul Gandhi’s ethics  when he used a Sahara vehicle during the period when Sahara Group owner Subrata Roy was in jail for fraud and fooling of Supreme Court and SEBI and lakhs of investors? Though this photo was published in newspapers in 2014, no one noticed that Rahul was using jailed Sahara’s luxury vehicle for filing nominations in Amethi [Link: Rahul Gandhi files nomination papers in Amethi]. This move to aggressively target Modi over his name in the Sahara Papers has failed spectacularly, with many expressing doubts about whether these were plants.
Sahara vehicle data details
This new evidence dug-out by Social Media is a slap on the face of Rahul Gandhi, who appears to have been led down a path of disaster by his “advisers”. It is a known fact that senior Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal had repeatedly requested him not to use the Sahara-Birla documents because of the doubts expressed by the Supreme Court.

That Rahul Gandhi would like to attack Modi at every possible opportunity is understandable. But when allegations blow up in his face, he risks losing whatever little credibility that he has. Politics cannot be taught; it has be experienced, breathed and lived.  With such advisers, Rahul may soon start wondering why he needs enemies when he has such “friends”! Such intemperate acts might also split Congress Party down the middle as the smart ones start realizing that the party is sliding down to oblivion and may seek a more charismatic/ realistic alternative.

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  1. Sometimes leaders are born natural like Modi. In Rahul, artificially fertilisers are misused to make him grow, but the result may not yield appropriate fruit, hence he better sit and decide what is his core strengths and work on this. Get married, and have kids and take political santas. India will gain with one person voluntarily coming out of politics.

  2. No doubt indian knows Rahul is not to fit any posts more than D group post in Govt capacity I.e., indian knows he is first buddy among indian population.


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