Rajeev Srinivasan on how well States and the Center are battling COVID-19

A Conversation that you can't miss -Rajeev Srinivasan shares insights into the Indian govt.'s swift action in battling COVID-19. From Logistical supplies around the country to keeping food supply going on without any break to benefits of lockdown with detailed data points.


  1. That is a rather thorough professional data analysis. Data analysis is the key in many such situations as in covid where the operational science is somewhat blinded as the speaker put it succinctly using a fairy tale. True that, like in any pandemic (the H1N1 a century ago had almost a “biennial” run without perhaps any big measures), it is certainly not a time for complacency even globally and in fact a laid back approach now will turn out a failure at both ends. We should remember that the H1N1 pandemic even in an era when global connectivity was abysmal, infected a third of world population in its normal run.

    Some good analyses should be used to evaluate statewise situation in India and I am sure government does. In fact, currently the increase in mortality rate as even mentioned in this talk is broadly contributed by the situation in three or four states and it is important to ascertain if improvements in prevalent hospital protocols to the recommended levels could redress this.

    As a researcher trained in molecular biology and many areas of data analyses I record my admiration to this exposition of realism about the course of covid in India and its future. Thanks to the channel and its lifeline Mr Shree Iyer for bringing out this interview with Mr. Rajeev Srinivasan.


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